17 December 2008

pretty picture book

this pretty picture book is so on my list.
am off to gussy up for the annual holiday work party.
then we'll come home and the real party will start,
it's little women & egg nog tonight. yesss.
can never get enough of jo march.

image by tim walker (the great).


KJ said...

oh, I love Christmas parties. And Little Women. Even my father and my hubby admit to liking the movie. Jo is a great heroine, an old friend.

::Sylvia:: said...

Hey! Tonight is our Little Women night too! I'll think of you as I sip my hot chocolate loaded with 'shmallows and dream about being Jo. :)

O. Joy said...

This image is fascinating & mesmerizing.... Oh to do something that whimsical as hanging dresses frokm tree branches... & illuminated...! Will be on my dream list! Love your blog! Glad I found it1 I'll be sure to return!

polly said...

which of those delightful dresses did you wear to the party?

love.boxes said...

Fairy dresses... how lovely!

summer said...

your night sounds so lovely- just perfect!

I wonder which version of Little Women is your favorite.
I am partial to the 1949 one with June Allyson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Janet Leigh. Just watched it last weekend on TCM. Never gets old!

Megan said...

Haven't seen Little Women in ages.. I need to get on that!
Very cool picture.

Tati said...

you are quite right , we can never get enough of jo march .

Lovebird said...

I have this book on my list too!

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