16 December 2008

spread light

the glass balls that hang on our humble christmas tree illuminate the twinkle lights. it is so lovely. our baby loves to marvel every time we light up the tree. i think the magic in his big curious eyes is what this season is all about. he gives and gives and gives and loves and loves and loves. i understand better why we need to become more childlike. because therein lies pure goodness.


summer said...

I'm so thankful that Christmas trees have never gone out of style. I'm finding that I become really sentimental when I'm around them. There is definitely something magical about them.
I hope that the awe and marveling will never end for me.

Julie said...

No small wonder that Christmas was about a Child. Can truly begin to grasp that miracle when you hold your own in your arms. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thought.

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