06 January 2009

etsy baby

oh my goodness, these baby hats are oh so cute. i don't think i can resist. and if my boy liked his bink, i'd snatch up one of these train clips too. santa sent benji a personalized onesie from this sweet shop for christmas, i absolutely love him in his hip grey long sleeve tee. and her letterpress posters are among my very favorites. if benji were a beatrice, she'd be wearing a pair of these.

image via citefuzz.


Heather said...

Oh my goodness! That's the cutest little hat I've ever seen!!!!!!!

One Love Photo said...

perfection! I am always amazed with the things people create with their little hands and a pile of yarn!

Cass said...

i agree! i got my henry-boy his own (actually two!) personalized onesies too! one winter mitts and one blue hippo ... and he's too cute for words in both!

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