17 January 2009

real beautiful

a sublime saturday

yoga mat at my feet
cereal in my bowl
two boys in my car
five boxes in storage
checkers on the table
chinese on my plate
letters to write
projects to do
my sister on the phone
a magazine in my hands and
a sweetheart in my lap

this image was scanned from the february issue of real simple (thanks mom! a magazine subscription is my favorite type of gift because it keeps giving all year long). this month is lovely as usual. it includes recipes for warm comfort foods, a feature on pink makeup and a beautiful article showcasing famous photographers. they show and tell about the women in their lives. it's the essence of love. a valentine's issue done simple. see more playful happy photography here, under richard foulser.


Desiree said...

Mmm, I love that magazine. A friend renewed my subscription to it this year for xmas ^_^

P.S. said...

I fell in love with this photo and article as well. And my mom gave it to me too!
Love Real Simple, but what did you think of the cover? Beige is not the color for the month of LOVE!!! I was a bit disappointed when I reached in the mailbox and pulled out what looked like a catalog for men's Khaki pants!

ellen said...

I heart Real Simple.

Emily said...

My Real Simple is a gift subscription, too - the best gift ever! And I just went through that photo spread last night and it made me feel so warm and happy inside, so glad to be a woman and a mom. I'm pregnant with a girl and almost found myself thinking about the name "Oona" just because of that photo you posted! :)

KJ said...

that issue made me want to go out and buy loads of new makeup, in pink pink pink. I see a pink pedicure in my future. Also loved the photo you show here--no faces, just love and playfulness.

brooke said...

I fell in love with that picture too. so sweet.

MarjnHomer said...

such a beautiful photo..makes my heart smile :-)

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