21 February 2009

cow country

it's calving season here in idaho. and chewing cud never looked so cute. i mean seriously, baby animals are the best. dan and i always pull over to take photos. as if we don't have enough baby photos taking up our hard drive already.

now that we live in the country dan has been learning more about cows. perhaps this is the first official step in becoming a true cowboy. i was on a mad search to find him a good book about cows, but to no avail. the book shops always have volumes upon volumes about ponies and horses but no books about cows. i found it quite discriminating. those poor cows. they can't catch a break. so when christmas came about, i put my mom on the hunt. she found the perfect cow book for someone like dan.

this little guy was tearing grass right out of his mama's mouth. in a herd of all black and brown cows, this mama is going to easily spot her little white faced calf. it's like cows just know how to create an irresistible photo op.

i loved this itty bitty brown cow (in the middle). every li'l baby thing i see reminds me of my own baby thing, benji which of course makes me very happy.

after dan reported that this herd of cows were beef cows, i told him i was taking a stand. i told him i was not going to make sloppy joes for dinner. then dan pointed out that the meat was already in our fridge. oh yeah. okay next week, chicken only. come easter, when the chicks come out, i'll be eating tuna fish.


Travelin'Oma said...

The secret to happiness is liking what you've got. You are the great example of this principle: who else could make cow spotting such a fun outing?

The White House said...

LOL!! I love this post. Cute cute cows. There is a field of cows where we stay in Bear Lake every year. I love to pull over and watch them! Especially the babies.

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