07 February 2009

cran razz

am feeling back to my ol' self again.
and am back to my ol' friend again.
am writing lists. typing words. revising my work.
am trying to check off my must-do's
so i can get to my want to's.


Molly said...

it takes me forever to get through my "must-do's"... most of the time i skip them for my "want to's" :)

The VIPs said...

"think pink" makes me think of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face

summer said...

the same must-do & want-to thoughts have been in my head tonight.

is that glass from pottery barn? if so, i think we have the same ones.

ps. cranberry juice has been my best friend the past week. i had no idea that it has special healing powers for girlies who aren't feeling so fine.

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