10 February 2009

a lovely gesture

am digging out sweet valentine ideas from my archives. and thinking this mud chocolate ice cream looks divine. i remember eating this little ramekin of ice cream while sitting on the floor by the radiator and falling in love with a novel while dreaming of what having a baby would be like. boy, i really had no clue motherhood could be this fantastic. and i had no idea i'd be living in idaho a year later either. i would never believe that only a year later i'd strangely miss the days of sitting in front of that silly heater watching dan study. funny the things you remember are not the things you thought you'd remember.

sweep someone off their feet
love quotes for your love notes.
ideas for your valentine via last year
sweets and treats
and my favorite anniversary gift yet


Kathleen said...

I'm delurking to thank you for inspiring positivity in me. Your posts are about the good things in life, things for which you are thankful, things that are good for the soul. I am naturally a complainer, and am quick to throw myself a pity party. Thank you so much for inspiring a heart of gratitude and wonder in me. I'm thankful for the attitude adjustment. :)

Ashley said...

Thanks for all of the links. That anniversary gift is awesome!

summer said...

that ramekin of chocolate bliss is one of my most favorite pictures here at your spot... it gets me in the mood for ice cream every time I see it!

thanks for the ideas, marta! i was especially glad to be reminded of the lipstick on the mirror trick- that's my favorite & I almost forgot completely!

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