22 February 2009

my two cents: oscar night

best dress: marisa tomei
best accessories: angelina jolie
best haircut: taraji henson
best lashes: anne hathaway
best in show: hugh jackman


Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

Great post. I absolutely loved Angelina Jolie's bright green baubles as well!!!

kh said...

Marta I love you! I just caught your writing post and now it's gone! Wah! But I know you will put it back and I am soooo ready to start! YOU make writing look so easy! You have such talent. This writing club is SUCH a great idea! Thanks!

KJ said...

I do agree! Marisa Tomei's dress was especially hollywood-ish. Old school, style.

Erica said...

agree, agree, agree!!!

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