01 February 2009

thirty-four big ones

01. he relishes the simple life.
02. he loves history.
03. he reads three or four books at a time.
04. he likes to exercise.
05. he is witty and makes me laugh.
06. he listens to my stories.
07. he watches the bachelor with me.
08. even though i shush him throughout the whole episode.
09. he is patient. kind. loving. and sweet.
10. which is why i call him sugar.
11. he is a proud papa. he loves our benji to pieces.
12. he holds him in church and takes him on outings. and calls him his bestie.
13. he gave benji those big beautiful dark eyes.
14. he accomplishes his goals.
15. he's all about following through.
16. he works hard and plays hard.
17. he likes to be competitive, but mainly just for fun.
18. he has a heart of gold. a genuine gentleman.
19. he quizzes me on random law facts when we go on road trips.
20. i use my best lawyer jargon. i impress him with words like 'tort' and 'infringement' and 'ninth circuit' and 'miranda rights'.
21. he can name all the supreme court justices, first and last names.
22. i only know sandra day. whose first day on the bench, according to dan's favorite website, was the day i was born. wow, how awesome is that.
23. he loves the great outdoors. and not just because it's trendy.
24. he wants to build a house in the mountains. and live like a pioneer.
25. sadly, i would last all of two minutes. um, where's the light switch? you're telling me i have to churn this into butter? where is the flusher on this thing?
26. he is cheerful and calm no matter what the situation. which is why you'd want him out on the plains. building your log cabin. in the dark woods. during a snowstorm. he'd look up with a big smile on his frozen face and say, isn't this so fun?! without a trace of sarcasm.
27. he tucks blankets around me and is an expert at swaddling benji.
28. he can debate anyone over anything. and win.
29. his looks alone will win you over.
30. he is a super talented telemark skier.
31. he asked me out for our first date just after i'd made him a sandwich. that was the first of many sandwiches.
32. he brown bags it to work every day.
33. outside of work, you'll find him in navy and corduroy.
34. he sees the best in me.

happy birthday, dan. i love you.
am a better me because of you.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dan!

Cat said...

Great post! I will try to do the same for my sweethart for his 43rd coming up soon! Happy b-day Dan!

whit said...

Happy Birthday Dan!!! Hope you guys will have a great day.

allison said...

YAY! Happy Birthday, Dan! Wow. Time flies. Love that pic of him and Benji-bundle.

KELLY said...

ahhh. happy birthday dan! what a gorgeous post. long live love + lovely husbands! x

Dansie Family said...

happy birthday dan. you and tom should get together and chat about the bachelor. he probably loves it as much as you. oh what you guys do for your wives.

natalie palmer said...

james sat through bachelor with me last week and i shushed him the whole time too. i just knew that we would find a way to do the exact same thing even though we're a thousand miles apart.
happy birthday dan!

summer said...

i love when you list like this!
you have inspired me to pay more attention to the little things that make husbands amazing.
can't wait to list up for my guy sometime.

p.s. the meatballs were a huge hit- thank you so very much!

Toujours Dimanche said...

I'm sure that this post is the best gift for his 34 birthday. It is generous and full of love.

Mo said...

that is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Marta, you are right on. I couldn't agree more--- and I should know because I've known him all of those thirty-four years, from the moment he arrived.

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