26 March 2009

one big ball of happiness

i have transferred all my very favorite blog subscriptions over to google reader and love the starring system. the blog world as i see it is a big ball of happiness. so much inspiration it can make you want to dance. here are the recent really lovely posts i gave stars to. click along, they are all delicious..

custom calligraphy
golden rectangle press
real wedding
paper love
belly pictures
message to bloggers
five things
letterpress invites

keep it up bloggies.
you're making my blogging world more and more beautiful by the day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these great links! I loved exploring them and finding new favorites!

Tiffany said...

{Blushing.} Thanks for including me in such an interesting and lovely list. I'm not worthy of that list. Seriously.

Misti said...

I loved the link about the comments! I read so many blogs and never get to comment and have to realize that many people read mine, too, and don't comment just because of time as well! Great links and Google Reader is a lifesaver! Sometimes I don't even feel bad when I am backed up to 200+ to read and just hit "mark all read".

Christine said...

I just switched over to Google Reader from Bloglines and I'm loving it!

Amy said...

Thanks for the links- great stuff! I've found that I love the things you love when you post them, so keep doing it! :)

Kami said...

Hi Marta! I love seeing what others star, so thank you! I used to love to star posts in reader until I learned about tagging posts, it helps categorize everything. I talked about it right here.

ps. I loved that Dr. Suess quote you posted a while back, so much so that I have it on my sidebar. Thank you. :)

The Panic Room said...

Thank you for including the photo series I have been doing. So cool that people are into it.

Jill said...

thanks for the link love! i always love it when you say hello.

Nicole said...

Google reader is amazing. It's the only way I can read blogs at work! And I love your list. New blogs to explore!

Golden Rectangle Press said...

Thanks so much for adding us to your lovely blog. Your website and work is gorgeous!

Erica said...

Ohhh, I heart Google Reader! And YOUR blog of course!

ryan and melissa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ryan and melissa said...

Hey Marta-
I am pretty sure we went to school together... in fact, I think maybe we were even in Kindergarten class together... Ms. Lowe? Anyways, I am glad I found your blog! You are so creative and such a great writer. Thanks for links to these great posts- love the 'message to bloggers' post!
Melissa Faye (Thomas) Archer

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