09 March 2009

the real deal.

writing prompts | week 03.
the real you. u be u. i'll be me. in high school i wore a red tee shirt with that phrase on it. i loved that shirt. i loved that shirt to death. i wore it til the seams frayed. oh how i felt like the real me in that tee.

01. seek out the real you. what inspires you? find books with passages highlighted and markings in the margins. start with the quotes and go from there. why does it speak to you? what about this statement makes you feel? who do you want to be? hunt down college notebooks if you have to. go to the place when you felt alive and write from there.

02. guilty as charged. what are you guilty of? spending days on the couch with a silly novel? careless about making your bed? what are your guilty pleasures? blogging / cookie dough / sephora / juicy gel pens / polka dot dishes / staying up late for letterman / bubble baths.. i have a million.

03. what is your motto? a cute gal interviewed me the other day for an essay she was writing. she asked me this great question. i came up with something pure and directly from my mind without thinking too much. it wasn't that great. but i suppose it was true and honest. so i went with it. now that i've whirled over her question, i have come up with a hundred more mottos to live by. what statements do you live by?

fantastic favorite passages from If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland.

go big. be you.
the real you.
get some serious
genuine you ink on paper.


Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

love this post. especially the last lines. thank you for those, i needed them.

Petit Elefant said...

being authentic is kind of critical I think. it comes across on the page if you sound fake.

summer said...

"be you. the real you"
how poignant & sincere & wonderful.
thanks for that thought!
it will be on my mind all day now.

ps. i went to my library the other day & they didn't have "if you want to write"! i was sad. but i found out that they can order it from another library, so now i have something to look forward to.

Unknown said...

what great homework this week, marta!

P.S. said...

That's funny, my grandparents have that motto on their license plate. And don't take that wrong-my grandparents are the coolest people on the planet!

(Sidenote/example: At my wedding people came up to me to tell me how stylish my grandparents were-I wanted to say "excuse me, this is my day!")

Dawn said...

oh oh oh that was me!
i've gotta say i smiled ear to ear being mentioned.

Diana said...

Very inspiring. I love the quote in the first photo: "And do not try to be consistent..." Is that from Brenda Ueland, too?

Angela Tolsma said...

I really enjoy your questions. Makes for deep thinking

Travelin'Oma said...

I especially like "What are you guilty of?" Defending myself (to myself) brought out my inner lawyer.

YnR said...

I'm so glad your reading Brenda Ueland! I hope you find it as interesting as I did!! I love your posts by the way! Very much inspiring as well :)

whit said...

mart, i love this post.. as much as i loved that red tee that i felt honored when you would let me borrow it.

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