10 March 2009

wedding bells

i have felt honored to be busy with bridal business.
i get a thrill designing for weddings
and all the lovely pieces that go along.
i just love invitations that coordinate.
a fancy affair deserves a custom design.


Diana Hulme said...

these are beautiful! gorgeous work. :)

Lin said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful job on the invitations.

Did you do your own wedding invitations?

I'm curious, and if you wouldn't mind telling...do you use a local printer and do they arrange for the paper/stock and matching envelopes? Do you work with a paper company and supply the printer with the paper for the job?

I've done a few birthday invitations over the years for family and find it almost impossible to find a local printer that stocks (nice) paper and envelopes in announcement sizes.

I'm not from New York, New York, but I love your blog.


Lindsey said...

I heard about how fabulous these were at Taryn and Justin's wedding last week. Taryn was right; they are lovely.

laura said...

i love that you posted these...they are so lovely and thank you again for all your hard work. i can't even tell you how many compliments i have gotten on them so far. you are so talented and i look forward to working with you again in the future. lots of love xoxo...laura (the bride).

whit said...

mart you are one talented little girl. its crazy how small our world is..laura??!! how we love her and taryn. well done on the invites my dear

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