13 April 2009

bit of a break

the 'rents are in town.
the sun is shining.
the birds are singing.
the flowers blooming.
the projects are piling.
the parks are tempting.
the windows are rolled down.
the fridge is stocked.

am taking a few days off.
to catch up.
to enjoy life.
to play.
to work.
to bake.
to exercise.
i won't be gone
too long.

image unknown.


Unknown said...

enjoy your time off! :)

Anonymous said...

Rest well, sweet Marta. Have a wonderful visit with your folks!

katrina lauren said...

isn't spring just so lovely?
that photo makes me want to put a fluffy skirt on and bound through a field too!
enjoy your break marta!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo! Wow! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I almost fell out of my chair when I saw your comment. :) I've loved your blog forever.

Enjoy your time off! Take Good Care!

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