25 April 2009

eight months

my babe is already 8 months old. i can hardly believe this sunshine boy is growing so fast. ooh i love those cheeks. he is in such a fun stage. he is learning to sit, wanting to crawl, learning to wave, reaching for toys, chewing toys, trying new foods and teething. he does the sweetest expressions these days. it's all in his eyebrows. among my favorites is this big benji bear grin, especially with his li'l chomper teeth.

i've enjoyed shooting mini movies of him and his new tricks. recently i caught him discovering his shadow. benji squealed, pleased as punch. he sat there, just smiling at it.

i look at him and know what living the good life feels like.

b bear loves
sitting up
(with minimal face plants)
being at the big kids table
(big kids meaning me and dan)
unfolding clean laundry
smiling for the camera
yoga (happy baby is his latest pose)
taking his bib off
playing in his baby tub
(with or without water)
giving hugs around the neck
jabbering and giggling
intently studying the noisy vacuum
(or the hairdryer, the blender...)
zooming like an airplane
rollicking games of peekaboo
reading goodnight moon
jumping on mama's lap


Polly said...

what a cutie!!!

Madge said...

so sweet. it goes so quickly.....

Desiree said...

oh my word! eight months already!!
he's such a little muffin ^_^

Travelin'Oma said...

Lots of unhappy moms can't see the teeth for the teething. You have found the secret of joy.

Jeff and Diana said...

marta he is adorable! you are hilarious and so talented.
i love reading your blog!

Wiggs (The Beholder) said...

What a cherub! He's darling! It's so exciting to think that over the years you'll watch his sweet little face become the loving face of a young man.

summer said...

how fun it must be to live with such a cutie! he is wonderfully adorable, marta. and so smily! what an exciting stage. would love to see a snippet of one of his mini movies sometime!

ps. i know that your "i've got answers" post was awhile ago, but i've thought of a burning question for you. hopefully it's not too late to be turned in. question: what is your typical day like? i am dying to know how young moms fit it all in. thanks, m!

Jake said...

He's almost been "out" as long as he was "in"...your tummy!

I am counting the days til I get to meet him. I hope you are showing him my picture regularly so he won't be freaked by the psycho who won't put him down!!

Anonymous said...

Benji is so incredibly adorable! What a beautiful baby!

KJ said...

gush gush gush. I need to squeeze him! and where did you snag that darling outfit?

The White House said...

Can't believe he is 8 Months!! Sounds like such a fun stage! :)
And i LOVE the big Benji Bear Grin!

{amy k.} said...

He's getting so big! He's adorable! I have a nephew close to the same age- it's such a fun stage!

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