01 April 2009

good morning, april

i can't think of any good april fool's jokes this year. i mean, i know of some. like taking the pins out of the hinges of your doors. they fall down flat. that would be hysterical. or loading someone's shoes with acorns. that would just be mean. or baking lemon squares with salt instead of sugar. i did that once.

to give april it's proper hello i thought i'd link it up with love.

big Box of Happy.
the crafty queen is hosting workshops.
cute stationery shop + giveaway.
poetry challenge. thanks, dani.
oh so lovely.
darling simple sweet packaging.
amen to this.
genius photography website.
a pillow for the perfect pair.
super cute new to me blog.
and this one too. inspiring.
mmmm. mm. mm.
if only i could justify buying more dishes.
yes. yes. yes. cupcakes for easter brunch.

good morning, april.
here we go.

p.s. hate to do this to you blog besties, but i'm going to throw the comment word verification up, see if that helps all this foreign language spam i'm getting lately. talk about a mean april fool's joke.

p.p.s. have a fabulous not too mean april fool's trick? do tell.


EliseBlaha said...

thanks for the link love.
and i had to add a word verification too. i was getting lots of alkjfk lkajkj dkjkj from lkjkj@dlkjdlkj.com.

not fabulous.
happy april!

Whisker Graphics said...

Thanks so much for the links to my stationery! Love your blog (and your work) and I have bookmarked it! Have a wonderful and kind April Fool's Day.
Whisker Graphics

Hil said...

Happy April Fools! (can it really be April with these frigid temperatures?) Great links! I have posted a few of my favorite tricks on my hilsblog.com site.

carla thorup said...

love these links! my sister made "meatloaf cupcakes" today, and dyed the mashed potatoe "frosting" pink so it would look like a declicoius strawberry frosted cupcake. A few co-workers took the bait... and it was super funny. They ended up tasting pretty good warmed up though!

Anonymous said...

hi marta! love your blog love, I knew I would love every link I clicked on! I have never played an april fool's joke on anyone (aren't I so nice?) so I don't have any to share. have a great day!!

Jake said...

Today I switched the cereals and put them in different boxes. And spread mayo on Jake's bagel instead of cream cheese.

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

Thanks for including my blog on that list! I love your work and have been following it for a while now.

Gayle said...

I'm not sure I've ever commented, but I really love reading your blog and can't wait to get started on your writing prompts (once grad school gets done in may!) i loved this list you made today! thanks for passing along the fun!

amy said...

i love april fools. i stole my boss's stapler and put it in jello. not too mean...we cleaned it out?

Travelin'Oma said...

I used to put food coloring in water to make it look like juice. Water tastes TERRIBLE when you're expecting something sweet.

Oh, and guess what! I'm having twins! (That was my old standard.)

jaime & erin said...

Thanks for the link love ;)

Molly said...

sneak some toothpaste inside oreos!! sucka!

and the classic rubber band on the old style kitchen sink spray hose... it sprays right at the unsuspecting person!

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