07 April 2009

you've got questions. i've got answers.

Q. Do we have to officially join your Writing Group?
A. nope. there is nothing official about it. no business suits required, just paperwork. and when i say paperwork i mean grabbing a pen, a notebook and a brain. and go. be loose. be free. have fun.

Q. Is there a place where we clubbers can post our writings?
A. no, not yet. but that is such a good idea. i definitely want to know who among you is out there writing up a storm and following along with these prompts. if you want me to find you, link back to a recent write post and i'll seek you out. or make it easy on me and email me direct and tell me you're in the club. i like featuring your posts about writing. i gain much inspiration from you and i think others do to.

word to the wise. i've noticed a whole bunch of clubbers are copying and pasting the write club prompts right into their own blog posts. i have no problem with that IF (and that's a big if) you are sure to give credit where it's due and a link back to the place you copied it from. we writers have to keep our writing honest. please treat words kindly. the posts i write are like my li'l niños. no kidnapping please.

Q. Are you still doing giveaways?
A. although i am picky about the products i plug, i am always happy to support small business owners and artisans. email me if you have a fabulous product to offer. i love a good giveaway.

Q. What kind of mascara do you use?
A. my loyalty to benefit bad gal lash has waned. i have a new favorite. lash blast by cover girl. it's cheap. it's flake free. and it's readily available at target. the happiest place on earth.

and more...
Q. I'm in dire need of an online portfolio, who does your web hosting?
A. the best web guys in the world, aspen digital. of course i am bias because pete's my brother and jim is my friend. but really truly they know it all when it comes to websites. with a fantastic eye for design and passion for programming, there is no doubt they are the best in the business.

burning question? send it my way.


Unknown said...

aw! li'l niños! poor lil things getting kidnapped?

i have a few posts that i'm hoping to put up on my blog, but haven't had a chance to as of yet. i'll be sure to email you to let you know when i do, though.

--r said...

my question - i'm in dire need of an online portfolio, and was wondering--who does your web hosting?

Hil said...

I LOVE lash blast as well. Just bought me some at Target the other day... 2 for $10! Stock up time. :)

Quelly said...

I too love the Lash Blast - I am glad I decided to leave a comment so I could get the tip that it is 2 for $10 at Target - I am on my way!

Anonymous said...

Good to know! Thanks for the info on the Writing Group (: My post from the last prompt is scheduled to pubish on the blog tomorrow.

I can't wait for the next prompt. I've been reading your blog for a little while and am always excited when a new prompt comes up, even when I wasn't actually doing them. Now that I'm trying them out, it's even better!

Angelita Bonita said...

Where do you find great paper?

summer said...

"no kidnapping"- i love it.
you're always so brilliant, marta.

can't wait to try lash blast.

k. said...

I've tried 87 mascaras - at all price ranges - & unfortunately, my bad gal loyalty faded as well after a brief few months of use.

My new favorite is SuperNova by Fresh. For lack of a better word, it's moist & luscious. No clumps. Great definition + volume, but not goopy. I'll be buying my 2nd tube soon.

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