20 May 2009

featured: blog to blog

i laughed out loud when i saw this mini version of me carrying my handy dandy clipboard, complete with my resolution list and my flipflops. this funny girl, katie, interviewed me for her blogger to blogger series. i first asked her questions and then she had awesome questions for me. i just went on and on. thanks, katie. it was so much fun (and i've never looked skinnier) thanks.


Amy said...

I read the interview- so fun!

I love your "3" favorite things... haha I'm not very good at narrowing down favorites either!

Katie said...

Glad you liked the pic and SOOOO glad you participated! It was Awesome!

summer said...

this interview was the cutest, marta! i love that you answer every question with your whole heart. so fun to read about your charming life as a trio, and the ipod shuffle really is one of the best things in life.

LMT said...

I've been wanting to read your fun conversation and finally I got the chance! Its fun to get you as a person and not just as a blog. Thank you for being personal. I especially wanted to thank you for your words on your marriage and having a baby. This is good timing as I am (what shall I say) very concerned about this. So, for all its worth, thank you. You love your family and that is what it is all about!

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