17 May 2009

homework: housework

last week, majority ruled. the most common way these panelists prepare for visitors is to CLEAN! after the house gets down & dirty, these ladies know how to get it shipshape & shiny...

gabi, my sis: Murphy's Wood Soap has been my fave for years. These days I'm also really liking Multi-Surface Pledge.

elise: My favorite cleaner is Windex and Swiffer Dusters.

whitney, my bff: Pine Sol mixed with water gives your kitchen floor the cleaning it needs and the smell of freshness. Reminds me of my mom's house.

brittany of tangled & true: Shaklee, especially the scour off kind. It is a lifesaver.

polly, my aunt: Pine Sol
(this is true! every time i slept over at whitney's, her mom had the floors mopped with Pine-Sol on saturday morning! we couldn't step in the kitchen, so we'd run for a mcmuffin instead.)

abby, my cousin: WINDEX! It cleans everything from windows, to bathrooms, to stainless steel.

summer: Barkeeper's Friend. hands-down favorite. powerful on my stainless steel pots and pans. removes rust from my knives. and adding a little vinegar when you're scrubbing will get your hard-water stained sink to shine.

amy, my sis: Windex. I use it for everything.

christie, my sis-in-law: My absolute MUST HAVE cleaning product is the Magic Eraser. I have gotten permanent marker off my white Pottery Barn desk with that thing. It has saved many a wall from crayon marks and fingerprints. You do have to be careful, as it can take off paint, but I've yet to meet a surface that can't be saved using the Magic Eraser. I buy them in bulk!

hilary: Clorox Cleaning Wipes are a lifesaver for me. Sure they are pricey. But I'll tell you what... those things are great! There have been far too many times when someone calls to see if they can stop by in 15 minutes and I panic looking at my crusty counter and less-than sparkling clean bathroom. A few wipes from these bad boys is all you need and your home instantly looks and smells fresh and clean.

stephanie: Mrs. Meyers lavendar countertop spray.

thank you, tidy cleaning ladies. tune in next sunday for each of the panelists' favorite meal to whip up for family and friends.

what is your all-time favorite household cleaner?


Desiree said...

I am in love with the whole Method line -- it's fabulous & environmentally sound!

barrentree said...

I love the Method line also. I use the Go Naked all-purpose spray most, but love all of their products. It doesn't hurt that they have awesome packaging design as well. :-)

Dawn said...

krud kutter, it's expensive but it's liquid magic in a bottle.

JJB said...

lately i too have been a fan of the clorox wipe. even i am willing to pull a rag from the can and wipe down a surface. other than that, microfiber cloths are a lifesaver!

summer said...

mm. i think i need to get me some pine-sol. that saturday morning routine sounds like something i could really get into. must establish that soon.

and mrs. meyer's! ooh. i've had the geranium all-purpose on my wish list for some time now.

thanks marta and everyone.

Kelli said...

I would have to say the Magic Eraser too because it gets the trickiest things clean. But I also love a nice bucket of cleaners mixed with hot water...nothing like it. I'm not picky about the cleaner, but it seems I need to really check out Pine Sol! I love this series.

ALFIE said...

love the ideas, ladies!

I personally love Basic H (Shaklee), Pledge, and the Magic Eraser (which is SERIOUSLY, seriously MAGIC).

My sister suggests:::
Nature's Miracle Odor Remover...she said it's a secret weapon that, not only control odors, it removes rust, coffee, and dirt from carpet and clothes!

Tiffany said...

I love this feature, Marta! Great ideas!

KJ said...

barkeepers friend is really great stuff. removes all the hard water deposits my dishwasher leaves behind on flatware, stemware, barware, and cookware.

Jessica said...

I love me some Lysol multi-purpose cleaner. I use it to clean just about every inch of my house, including cupboard ledges and window sills.

Misti said...

I love Simple Green! It dilutes easily, is non-toxic and doesn't smell horrible! Good stuff!

rebecca said...

miss marta i am la la loving this series! thanks for being your wonderful self!

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