10 May 2009

homework: welcoming guests

happy mother's day, ladies. hope you are in your favorite place surrounded by your favorite faces today. panel series, question two, here we go. click here to read the first installment.

gabi, my sis: Stock up! I place favorite beverages in the fridge, fun new magazines in the guest room, yummy smelling soap in the bathroom, and a basketful of toys and board books for little friends.

elise: to prepare for visitors, I straighten like a mad woman. there is a flurry of activity to get the clothes hung up and the dishes put away and the counters swiped clean.

whitney, my bff: Make sure the apartment is clean and the mulled cider candle is lit.

brittany of tangled & true: i clean, period. i have a cleanliness standard that has to be met when we are having visitors. i can be relaxed and comfortable when guests arrive if my house is clean.

polly, my aunt: I like a clean home, with some kind of special touch, like flowers. If it is a holiday, then some holiday touches are around. I like to make sure the house smells good and feels warm and welcoming!

abby, my cousin: Drinks in the fridge (whatever their preference is, of course). If they have kids, I like to make sure they have a little entertainment as well, so the adults feel like they can chat while their kids are happy playing.

summer: when i have a visitor coming, i like to have my menu planned out, including an extra snack or two, with the necessary groceries already purchased and ready to go. i also like to have their space prepped; a box of tissues by their bed, towels set aside, their favorite reading material out on the nightstand, or a little note on their pillow. or maybe even a list of outings and activities that are available during their stay. i like to make an effort to show that i've been expecting them.

amy, my sis: My husband can attest to this, before guests arrive I turn on every light switch and lamp and open up all the blinds. I love that bright, cheerful feeling.

christie, my sis-in-law: Whenever we have visitors coming, I like to call them and find out what they like to eat and drink. What are their special treats that they indulge in? What are their favorite magazines to read? Then I load up a basket in the guest bedroom with all their favorites. Extra toiletries are also a must. Lost suitcases and forgotten items are easily at hand and make guests feel more at home. Nothing worse than having to ask your hostess if you can borrow personals.

hilary: The aroma of good food always seems to calm and comfort everyone. I like the house to be clean, not absolutely spotless. A few toys here and there only make the home happier because you know there is a little one around somewhere!

stephanie: Place clean towels, a pretty soap and a little boxed treat on their bed upon arrival.

thank you, panelists. tune in next sunday for a list of awesome tried & true household cleaners.

how do you welcome dinner guests or overnight visitors?


Alisha Stamper said...

i am sure i learned this from my grandmother, but i cook almost ALL day one of the days guests are there. (we're talking homemade bread, desserts, family faves, everything). It gives us all something to do that is yummy, and the kitchen is the heart of the house, so we have a reason to hang there. Then we just all enjoy the delicious food the rest of the visit.

Travelin'Oma said...

Such awesome hostess ideas! I've stayed in a few of these B & B's and I highly recommend them for their hospitality. And they've never charged me a dime!

Desiree said...

- I like to make them a nice cozy bed
- muffins or cookies, homemade & delicious smelling
- a yummy spicy candle burning
- a stocked fridge of their favourite drinks


Kelli said...

I LOVE that you are doing these posts. I need some good tips and these are just wonderful. Thanks.

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