29 May 2009

a photo, thoughts and photoshop

a few weeks ago our trio drove to the moon and back. i learned something out there, in the middle of nowhere. if a living, breathing tiny bud of a small green plant can sprout and work it's way to grow in between the cracks of volcanic ragged rock, i too can make the most of any situation i find myself in.

be bold + bloom.

thanks for all the comment love this week about my photos and my family and my post-baby physique. you are some of the nicest people and really know how to make a girl feel good. we're headed to jackson hole tomorrow. just because when you live 2 hours away, it's hard to resist. we headed there last year after moving day. that trip turned out to be a swollen, rainy, pregnant, car sick, blustery day. we sat in the gorgeous teton national park visitor center and saw no grandiose teton through the mammoth windows, just rainclouds. a bit anticlimactic. i was sad not to see the view dan raves about. it was a bummer to say the least.

but we did see a bunch of buffalo, which was super cool. and i remember being so thrilled to waddle into a baby boutique to buy my fetus a li'l outfit. this very outfit happens to be the striped one benji is wearing in my memorial day slideshow. wow. major foreshadowing. can't get over how quick time goes. and i can't get over how life is full of foreshadowing. my family was teasing me last weekend because i kept bringing this up, but seriously people, it does. life seems to be full of hints.

am hoping for a sunny saturday to see the grand teton with my boys.
(this post turned out with a subtle plug, yay for national parks.)
have a super weekend, everyone.

text-on-photo inquiries are by far my most frequently asked questions, so i hope this helps. i design text on my photos (like seen above and elsewhere on m.writes) in a software program called adobe photoshop cs3. this is my favorite software program, with adobe indesign cs3 as a close second. i am only at the tip of the iceberg in photoshop knowledge, even after taking a college course in it. we worked straight out of this classroom in a book series. which i highly recommend. reading these chapters and doing the lame lessons is a great way to get to know the tools in your shop. whether it's worth the investment for you is definitely a personal decision. i would say if you're involved in graphics, website design, photography or multimedia work, it will rock your world. and it will love you right back. (that is, if you're going to use it, care for it, love it, take it on walks, and feed it.)

as another (and less expensive option); i've heard good things about photoshop elements 7. this would be perfect if you want a warmer upper to play around with. i'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter. yay for text on photos, the perfect way to capture (and caption) the inner thoughts of the photographer.

p.s. thanks for the good advice everyone. picnik is an online edit-your-awesome-photos service. lots of tools, lots of fun. what a happy find. i found this post about picnik on creature comforts. wahoo.


LobotoME said...

hi marta!

www.picnik.com is great for editing photos (it's free online up to so many photos) and it's super easy to use.

have a great weekend,


Birgitta Sif said...

Hi Marta,
I lived in Jackson for a few years and loved loved it! I'm heading out there next week for a visit! Oh joy!

This is one of my favorite spots:

Ok, I have a trillion favorite spots there..

Hope you have an amazing trip!


MsAmanda said...

I've had good luck with Picasa for really bare bones editing (cropping, color fixing, text on the image)

al + sar said...

i agree with picnik...since i dont know how to use photoshop i LOVE using picnik. you can use the free features, or you can pay a small yearly fee and have a lot more options.

however, i do have photoshop elements, once i learn who to use it i'll let you know what i think! but my friends use elements and love it!

Anonymous said...

i live in jackson! the weather is supposed to be GLORIOUS all weekend :)

KJ said...

it's true, when Jackson is 2 hours away you just go. whenever you feel like it. If you go through Swan Valley and Grand Targhee, Be sure to stop at the top of the pass, just before you go down into Wilson--the view is spectacular. There's a turn-out and a sign. Merry Piglets, Bubbas, and the evening western show right there on the square. Have fun.

--r said...

ooh... i'd like to add my "hoorah" for adobe and their magic programs. my life was never so sparkly until i started using indesign. which also means that when the program has a hiccup and won't work (like last week), i'm completely out-of-sorts.

enjoy your travels! i look forward to enjoying them vicariously when you return!

Travelin'Oma said...

You guys are the travelin trio! Maybe you can find a Teddy Bear's picnic for Benji to go to!

Ashlynn {mamabear} said...

So I just moved to Idaho a month ago & we have been exploring. Jackson is on our list. I hope you blog about what you did because I have a 13 month old & I am not sure what to do there that will entertain us all.

Great blog as always.

Dani said...

i needed the growth from rock bit today. thank you for sharing that!

ALFIE said...

i use picasa3 for the basics!! i would love to invest in photoshop though!

have a fabulous weekend!

k. said...

I think Picasa is a great, easy (+ free) tool for simple photo editing & adding text. I use it when I just want to make quick edits - e.g. crop or add text. Photobucket (also free, up to a certain # of photos) also has some fun features.

P.S. said...

Hey Mart,
I was just telling a friend this morning how life is full of odd little "hints".
I appreciate you sharing your insights into life and the tiny little green sprout amidst the rock. I'm using it as my mantra today.
Have a FABULOUS trip.

Anonymous said...

i've used the cs versions over the last few years and i love them to death. originally i started learning photoshop on one of the first versions of elements. and it was great in a lot of ways. i've also had the chance to use elements 7 recently and i'd say it can do anything that i use photoshop for. and it's a STEAL for $76.99 (on amazon).

i would recommend it to anyone who even thinks they might want to try it out. you can download a free trial from their website.

i promise i don't work for adobe - i just love their stuff. :)

Whitney said...

I have a semi-related, and super delayed, question...

I'm in the market for a new camera so I've been asking friends and bloggers I admire what kind of cameras they use. What kind do you use? Would you recommend it?


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