21 June 2009

beauty tips 03

after last week's discussion of shimmer on the cheeks and shadows in the crease, i posed the following hypothetical to my panel. Lets say you're going out for the evening, a concert, dinner with your man, cupcakes with your girlfriend, whatever; describe your go-to outfit for a fun and casual night out? since i need all the fashion feedback i can get, i was so pleased with their outfit ideas and loved the inclusion of fun accessories. i will stay mum this time around and let the fashionistas do the talking.

I love wearing dresses or skirts year round but especially in the summer. They're easy to dress up or down by adding jewelry or changing your shoes, and especially fun to twirl in (should you have the opportunity)! You will often find me wearing a skirt from J.Crew or Anthropologie, with a tank on top. I own quite the collection of cardigans and will slip on one of those if it's going to be a cool night. I have been loving the trend of belts over tops or sweaters and have been finishing my outfit off with one lately. If you wear it a bit higher on your waist it makes you look a bit taller, and let's face it, I need all the help I can get.

My favorite fashion look is taking a seemingly classic outfit, say jeans and a t-shirt, and throwing in a chunky cuff, a long necklace, an Anthro belt, or and Urban scarf and making the look my own. I like taking classic Banana/J. Crew/Gap outfits that I know I will like for awhile and then adding a few funky/trendy touches. That way I have good solids that last me from trend to trend without having to change my wardrobe every time the fashion winds change. I also like doing this because then when you look back at pics from a couple years back you don't say "what was I thinking?" At least most of the time. Who can hide from that BUM Equipment sweatshirt era? Speaking of which, I avoid huge logos at all costs. Unless the designer is paying me to be a walking, talking billboard, I am not going to advertise across my chest.

fall | winter.. jeans. heels. cute scarf. wavy-messy hair. glamorous eye shadow. glitzy earrings. spring | summer.. chic casual dress. flip-flops. shiny gloss. teased hair. big sunglasses.

My go-to getup always involves a comfy yet stylish dress with a jacket/cardigan/blazer of some sort layered on top. Finish things off with some stylish jewelry and killer heels (always heels cuz I’m short and everyone I associate with seems to be tall).

I have a pretty pronounced hourglass shape, so I love to play it up by wearing the most flirty, feminine, classic clothes I can find. When it comes to dressing up or dressing down, I play with materials. If I'm going to meet a girlfriend for cupcakes, for example, I'd probably choose a linen skirt from Anthropologie, a pair of cute flats, and a soft, fitted v-neck tee with a sheer scarf around my neck. For dinner with my fiance, I'd grab a satin a-line dress, a beaded, cropped sweater, and a pair of open-toed pumps. A lot of my fashion inspiration comes from the 50s - think of the outfits Reese Witherspoon wore when she was promoting Walk The Line. The dress she wore when she won the Oscar was the cherry on top of a year of great outfits for her. I love wearing a-line skirts and dresses, cute shoes, and girly tops with just the slightest hint of cleave (cleavage, for those who don't know my lingo).

nothing can trump an awesome pair of jean capris, my brown leather sandals that lace up around the ankle (don't forget the rich-girl red polish!) and my ivory trapeze top. pair it with a long necklace, gold bangle bracelets and big sunglasses and i'm ready to take on the world.

A sassy pair of jeans that make me feel hot, nice heels, and some sort of fun top, whether it's a breezy blouse in the Summer or an adorable sweater in the Winter. Great, chandelier type earrings, something big. I like big earrings. Stacked bracelets, wedding rings, and a signature ring on the middle finger of my right hand, usually a huge statement piece. Voila, ready to go! I'm all about the accessories. {It's making me wish I were getting ready to go somewhere!}

I am a t-shirt gal most of the time. My usual go to outfit for almost any outing is a comfortable pair of jeans, a t-shirt (I live in Shade clothing!) and some flats. I usually spice it up a little bit with some fun jewelry, funky earrings and some lipstick. Depending where I am going I will whip out a pair of heels and a blazer or coat but I usually will still be in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. For me, comfort is key.

Jeans, jeans, and more jeans. a cute top, and usually my cowboy boots or my buckle flats (not the store, but an actual buckle on my shoe).

I am a j.crew/banana republic kind of girl. I like simple lines and classic fits with pops of color. My favorite outfit is a tie-neck blouse in tomato orange from banana republic, dark wash essential jeans from the gap, vintage-gold and green floral cardigan from anthropologie and gold flats from piperlime. It is a unique outfit that stands out without being too OUT there. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a great deal. If you can't stand the fancy price tags, you can usually get similar items at Target or Forever 21. I recommend buying namebrand/high quality basic pieces and bargain shopping for the trendy must-haves of the season.

Skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters (cute and only $50!), with tall boots or flats depending on the activity and weather, and a simple top with hoops, I'm a big earring girl.

I like layering my clothes when I go out. I feel it looks more trendy and fashion forward. Skinny jeans, A long fitted shirt, cardigan, gold jewelry and a scarf. Now the shoes depend on the weather. If it's cold, I'll wear my trendy but semi- 80's black boots over my jeans, if it's warm I'll choose heels or some gladiator sandals. I love getting dressed up and feeling cute.

jeans, flats.. and probably a cardigan. you never know if it is going to get cold!

feel free to pitch in your fashion ideas.
tune in next week; these experts reveal their final thoughts on the meaning of true beauty.
thank you, panelists.


caitlin said...

I am loving this series, and it's giving me so many great ideas. Thanks Marta!

sunnysblog@gmail.com said...

I always need help with this....love all the ideas!

I'm still applying what I learned from the last two posts in the series!

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