28 June 2009

beauty tips 04

before this month's panel series is over, i had to inquire about the meaning of beauty. of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what does that really mean? i went ahead and asked the experts their opinion. what does it take to be a true beauty? when do you feel the prettiest? bonus. anything else you'd like to mention on the topic? again, they wowed me with their phenomenal answers. thank you, beauty panelists. i loved reading your advice and getting all your secrets on looking oh so fab.

I think all it takes to be a true beauty is a smile. Every time I've seen someone smile, it instantly makes them prettier. It's like a law of nature. I don't know if there is some scientific reason but I definitely think I look the best in the morning right when I wake up. My skin tone appears more even and my features look nice and soft. Having bed head gives my hair added volume and often I hesitate to brush it. If anyone could do some experiments and figure out how to make that relaxed, just-woke-up look last all day... you would be my hero.

bonus: I am a J.Crew junkie and one of my favorite things about the brand is their catalogs. Besides the beautiful clothes they also provide amazing inspiration for make-up, styling, outfits, and photography. J.Crew releases a new catalog each month and these are a fabulous FREE resource. I've saved them and even though the clothes are no longer in stores, the classic looks never go out of style.

True beauty is exactly that—natural, real...true. For the most part, I think fake is out: fake nails, fake tan, fake Louis Vuitton. But if you must, spritz on bronzer moderately and go easy on the accessories, so at least your look is subtle. If you must have extensions after a too-short hair cut or your eyelashes just aren't up to snuff, make people do a double take and wonder, "are they or aren't they?" Effortless beauty has much more of a wow factor than going all out. If you go for glossy red lips, scrimp on the smokey eye make-up. Don't look like you’re at a red carpet affair if your just going to the local state fair. It's much better to go understated than to look like you’re trying too hard.

i feel my prettiest when my husband tells me so. usually that's when i have unstyled hair, possibly a ponytail, and no makeup. he loves the natural look. and i love when he likes what he sees.

bonus: i think the ultimate beauty is found inside, rather than out. a selfless attitude and a sweet demeanor won't fade out like my highlights.

Being bold. Being brave. Following your heart. Some killer heels, fab shades, my 5 must-haves (plus a few more!) make the journey much more fun though!

bonus: My personal mantra has always been to look my best. I find that when I look my best, I feel my best. When I feel my best, I act my best. When I act my best, I am my personal best. Now hold on one hot second…this in no way/shape/form means going all out with your fab self all of the time. That’s just plain silly. What it does mean is that you should always feel comfortable with yourself, given the situation at hand (whether it’s in a party dress, skinny jeans, a bikini on the beach, or holey sweats for a girls night out). Just be comfortable and be yourself.

I feel my prettiest when I have enough time to get ready and don't feel rushed. Punctuality is a huuuuge value of mine, so I make an effort to overestimate how much time I'll spend getting dressed and doing my makeup. The result is that I don't have any moments where I think, "Oh, I don't like the way my eyeshadow looks...but I don't have time to change it. Hopefully nobody will notice." In truth, nobody WILL notice, but it'll be in the back of my mind for the rest of the evening.

I also feel pretty when my skin is looking good. Since I almost always have at least one blemish, this is harder than it sounds...but making an effort to care for my complexion helps me to feel more confident about it, even when I'm breaking out. I try to take the time to find masks and creams that smell nice and leave my face feeling its best.

bonus: I think a lot of women are nervous about trying shimmery makeup. I get it. It can be scary to stare down into an eyeshadow pot and feel like you're about to slap glitter all over your face. But sparkle, in my opinion, is a vital part of looking fresh and healthy. My advice to gals who don't know how to use shimmery makeup is to start with the eyes. Pick a neutral gold or peach shade that's got some slight pearliness to it - no need to get anything with glitter just yet - and apply it to the whole lid, up to the brow bone. Apply a little bit to the inner corners of the eye, too. When the light catches your eyes, they'll glow.

I know so many beautiful women, and the common thread among all of them is that they know how to play up their best features. If you have great skin, try doing all neutral, shimmery colors on your eyes, cheeks, and lips and let your complexion be the centerpiece of your look. If your eyes are huge and gorgeous, play them up with eyeliner, lots of mascara, and a shimmery white highlighter dabbed in the inner-corners and on your brow bone. If your skin is a beautiful, deep shade of ebony or caramel, try experimenting with pops of bright color to accentuate your natural skin tone. If your lips are full and pouty, dab a tiny bit of white, sparkly eyeshadow on the very top of your cupid's bow and follow with a shiny lipgloss. If you have defined, strong cheekbones, highlight them with a shimmery powder or blush. Go with your what you have!

biggest two crucial things: i feel prettiest when i'm confident and comfortable. wearing a sweet pair of super-trendy wedges that you're not able to walk in will only take your mind off of your awesomeness and make you focus on your blisters. rock what you love; be comfortable and confident with it and the rest will come naturally!

I feel prettiest after I've spent a day at the beach in the sun with my kids. I spend the day being athletic with them, romping in the sand and surf, collecting shells and making sand castles, lying in the sun with a good magazine {read: totally trashy} or a beach read and some ice cold lemon sparkling water from Trader Joe's. sigh. When the day is over and I get showered and ready to go out for the night, it doesn't even matter what I'm wearing, I always feel beautiful. I don't know what it is; maybe the glow of a good day at the beach, time spent with my family, doing something so fun for myself. Whatever the combination, I always feel sexy after a day at the beach. So, go figure that I live in Utah with no beach!

A true beauty really comes from an inner confidence. An ability to connect with people on a real, and not superficial level. Someone who knows what they want but doesn't stomp on others to get to it. I can think of a lot of women I think are beautiful, and it seems irrelevant whether or not they have physical beauty, it depends how they live their life and how they make others in their space feel while they're in it.

I think a true beauty is someone who is honest and real. I admire woman who stand up for what they believe in and for what they want, all the while being kind, caring and gracious. It doesn’t matter what you have on or what your hair looks like; it is what is in your heart that matters! I feel the prettiest when I am with my husband. I feel like in his eyes, I am the cat’s meow. Whether I am all done up for a date night or if I have just woken up and am in my jammies - I feel the prettiest when I am around him. He has a way of making me always feel good about myself.

bonus: I used to always buy cheap jeans. It wasn’t until I was dating my husband that he introduced me to designer jeans. I always used to say, “I will never ever spend that much on a pair of jeans!” But come to find out, the designer jeans (sevens, joes, paper denim, true religion, rockin’ republic, citizen) are the jeans I wear the most because they always fit the best and make me feel good. I realized that I would buy cheap jeans, wear them a couple times and they were stretched out in all the wrong places, didn’t wash well and made me feel frumpy after a couple pairs. I would end up spending so much money on jeans I would only wear a couple times and then I was unsatisfied with them and wouldn’t want to wear them. I so much rather save my money and spend it a great pair of jeans I will wear and wear because I feel good in them and they always fit. Plus, if you use a Microdermabrasion kit once a week your face will thank you later!

True beauty.... I think someone who is friendly and genuine. You know if the person you are talking to is actually being kind, or putting on a show. If someone is being kind and sincere, they could go from being scary looking, to immediately beautiful. A happy face turns any ugly one, beautiful. It also helps to have the least amount of make-up on, and still look gorgeous..can you tell I love natural? I feel my best, when my hair is clean...I mean, right out of the shower clean, and voluptuous. When I have some great earrings in, my skin is naturally a bit tan, my clothes fit well, and my make-up looks natural.

I have said it before, but nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman. Learn to love the way you look. I feel the prettiest when I stop comparing myself to others. It is just a bad practice to get into. We are all so different and beautiful in our own way, so wishing for something we aren't is wasting time that we could be confident and happy with ourselves. I think a true beauty cares enough about herself to take care of her body. Eating healthy food, drinking enough water and exercising always makes me feel like my body, skin, eyes and hair are healthier and more beautiful. Every morning, I get dressed and do my hair even though I plan on staying home. I think it is important to make myself feel beautiful everyday.

I feel prettiest when I feel confident and don’t care what other people think. No matter how cute I really look, if I don’t feel confident with myself then I just feel ugly. I try to not compare myself to others and just be happy with the way I am.

I feel my prettiest when I can let loose! No make-up, wet hair and pajamas! I love the feeling of being clean and not covered in make-up... although I love makeup it feels GREAT to not wear it sometimes! And lucky me, my husband thinks I look cutest then too!

bonus: One tip I received and have always considered with makeup is "Less is more", it's so true. As for hair... lately I feel you should embrace what you naturally have, color and texture.
Also... I like to sometimes splurge on nice items but if it's really trendy, I search for bargains! Then when it's out of style the next year I don't have to feel so bad about donating the items to Good Will! And speaking of thrift stores... they're my favorite! I just found a FAB (Handmade) blue pleated skirt that I wear high on my waist with a velvet belt and a plain white tee on top... I get so many compliments and people asking me where I got my skirt! It's so fun re-fashioning a vintage item into a stylish new statement piece! Be creative!

i feel prettiest when i am tan, happy, and when i am with justin
, my new husband.

thank you, beautiful ladies. i appreciate your input. you have given me a lot to think about and a long list of new exciting beauty products to try.


ALFIE said...

thanks for the awesome panels! hope you are able to continue them!!

Unknown said...

woot! thanks again for asking me, marta - that was fun!

(and way to go, other panelists - you guys all had awesome answers!)

Hannah said...

Thanks, Marta! It was so fun!

That Tall Girl said...

Thanks for the terrific beauty tips!! I love to read them every week!

love.boxes said...

I loved a beauty tip that I heard from Julia Roberts once on TV. She said that you need to have a practiced smile for when you are uncomfortable. I took her advice and it has been all kind of helpful! :)

Travelin'Oma said...

We all need to realize how cute we really are. And a lot of times we find out through sincere compliments. So my tip is to give compliments freely and we'll all look better.

sunnysblog@gmail.com said...

I adore these posts. Hope there will be more! I agree with the giving of compliments - those compliments will help nudge others along to gain self confidence.

Not sure if it's being older 30 (heck...turned 40 last year) so it's life experience or what..but I've gained this confidence that lets me smile most of the time. That and I read that a Frenchman said that American women often have an uncomfortable look on their faces...like they're uncomfortable in their own skin.

I often think of his words when I'm driving or out in public where I may be confident in what I'm wearing and how I look, but I tend to appear quite serious (unintentionally, of course).

I'm approached by strangers more often when I'm with friends because with them, I'm laughing, smiling and relaxed. So I'm working on being relaxed when out alone - even running errands.

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