07 July 2009

am loving

this blahg and all the free paintbrush downloads as of late.
pure sunshine and prettiness in one mini handmade book.
more mini books by elise. really truly inspirational.
my parents call this idea a heidi supper (the muffin tin is a cute twist).
this new daily check-it-out blog. smushed full of great gift ideas. love it.
fabulous family t-shirts. a must for next year's camp out.
be still my heart. such cute fabrics.
beauuutiful business cards.

and one more addition
this michael jackson memorial mix


Unknown said...

Great links- all of them. I especially love the one to Elise Joy- that's a new one for me and one I quickly bookmarked! Thanks! -e

Jill said...

i love the sunshine mini-book. and the business cards are so beautiful.

Sarah said...

Wow... a bunch of new beautiful blogs to add to my google reader!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link, and for getting me hooked on seesaw designs. i'm excited to have found your lovely blog.

EliseBlaha said...

:) thank you.
great links.
happy tuesday.

Johanna said...

ouuuu more fun blogs. love the giverslog and the blahg blog! thanks for sharing.

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