27 July 2009

black. white. beautiful.

it's a good thing my wedding is all said + done. by the looks of the internet, i'd be a wreck with all the amazing options available. this wedding was a beauty. leave it to kristina who writes a wedding blog to have a most lovely event with every detail intact. i especially love the calligraphy throughout + the assortment of pretty stamps.

more details here + here.


Sarah said...

Oooh! I love them!

Krista said...

L-O-V-E them!! Amazing! If I weren't already married I would have my heart set on these!!

Diana said...

Beautiful! Have you ever thought of posting pics of your wedding day? I'd love to see them...as I'm sure others would, too!

Tracy said...

LOVE the white on black calligraphy...so stylish and different! Also love the postcards...my wedding invites were vintage styled postcards...simple, beautiful, and inexpensive!
I second the previous comment...would love to see photos from your wedding.

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