22 July 2009

sun valley, idaho

highlights from our roadtrip.

although widely famous for its winter ski season, i think july might be my favorite month to visit sun valley. laid back, sunny and all in bloom.

the first day of our trip dan led us on a day hike to a tall peak overlooking sun valley. dan is a very patient person. truth be told, i am not the world's happiest hiker. that is, until i get to the top and realize it's halfway over. then i start enjoying the surroundings, the wilderness, the bugs and the beauty. dan has taught me to even appreciate the sight of sagebrush. he pointed out its sweet fresh minty scent. seriously, i lucked out with a guy like him. on this trip, i couldn't help but sing tom petty's you belong among the wildflowers. it was my anthem of the vacation.

here is a look at the serene duck pond in sun valley. just beyond it there are gift shops, a deli, a pizza place, bike rentals and a candy store that line a brick path that lead to this lovely place. kids climb trees, swim in the pools, play frisbee, feed ducks and eat picnics on the lawn. heaven on earth, i tell you. there are colorful gardens all about. the building behind me is the Inn, adjacent to a fancy restaurant where i hope to someday dine with dan. there is also a movie theater that's been in business for years (my parents took us to Star Wars there), an ice skating rink, a lodge for stories around the fire, and a new amphitheater for concerts. basically you could live in the sun valley resort and never ever leave. (i love coming here because there is always plenty to do, yet still not too much to choose from, leaving you feeling content rather than overwhelmed. which is the definition of vacation.)

still, on the off chance you do leave the hot spot of sun valley, the walk to ketchum is only one mile away. take the path filled with happy bikers and ultra fit joggers. this is the type of place where people actually exercise on vacation. strange but true. it's something in the air. the incredibly fresh mountain air. you might spy kids feeding apple cores and carrot sticks to the horses with their bare hands. very tom sawyer of them. of course you might spy an anxious mother attempting to corral the kids away from such horsey germs. i wouldn't know anyone like that. for the most part, everyone is downright cheerful. mainly because they have all been promised one thing when they arrive in ketchum. ice cream.

leroy's ice cream shack is a nice addition to the middle of the town square. i tasted the paradoxical flavor hot chocolate complete with marshmallows, dan got classic vanilla. we are so predictable like that. (i love this photo, my boys look overjoyed. benji found plenty of dogs downtown to keep his excitement level three notches above over the moon.)

the kneadery is the best place for a homecooked mountain man breakfast. now that we have a babe to wake us up early, it's easy to get in before the tourist brunch rush. dan ordered the Grizzly Bear Breakfast, i opted for Mama Bear Cinnamon French Toast. i am a sucker for anything cinnamon + french. i consider coming here a new mighty fine tradition. someday i will be getting the Baby Bear Flapjacks for my own cublet.

another favorite shop around the corner. iconoclast books. what's not to love? a one of a kind bookshop featuring a plethora of rare books, a charming children section, stationery, maps, cookbooks, and a hip cafe complete with chalkboard topped tables and freshly squeezed lemonade. mmm. mm. (i purchased the august issue of Elle magazine with miley cyrus on the cover. just to add a few more pennies to her college fund.)

such a fun place to visit.
more roadtrip photos
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LobotoME said...

adorable photos~ J :)

Sarah D said...

I visited Sun Valley for the first time last summer as we were on our way to Jackson Hole, and I agree with you... It is downright beautiful in the summer and I would have been happy if we had parked the car for a couple of days and enjoyed the scenery for a little longer than we did.

I'm glad to see that you guys had such a great time! You have such a beautiful family!

Deidra said...

My aunt and uncle used to have a condo in Elkhorn. We loved our summer trip to Sun Valley. We loved time with cousins, roller-blading (yeah, mid-90s) all over the trails, riding bikes, swimming and being old enough to ride the bus by ourselves to make a visit to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Co.

I think I saw Star Wars in Sun Valley, too, though we'd watch one a night in the condo after a hard day playing.

brooke said...

It was so fun seeing you and Dan and darling Benji Bear in Sun Valley. He is even cuter in real life if that is possible.

We love Sun Valley. My kids look forward to it all year. The ice-skating with dad, sandwiches at Atkinson's market, burgers at Burger Grill--so yuumy, bike rides to Hailey, and lots of swimming!

I love the Kneadery too. I wish it was open for dinner.

Seeing the three of you up there made me nostalgic for when Sam and I were up there with just baby Luke. I can't believe there is 5 of us now!

Anonymous said...

wow, it sounds incredible. i was an idaho girl growing up and am realizing how much i missed. any place that invokes tom petty and sawyer has got to be a good place.

summer said...

oh for goodness' sake. could you (and your little fam) be any cuter? you guys are so cool and go to such cool places and take such cool photos and wear such cool hats.

.. i must ask. where did you find that fetching li'l cap, marta? and are you aware that you have the perfect hat wearing head? you do. you look stunning. as always.

ps. love the blonde sparkle in your hair. and that swan pic with the charming smile. you look so summery.

Travelin'Oma said...

I totally agree about your perfect heads for hats.

Unknown said...

i, too, love sun valley, idaho. i haven't been able to visit for a while, but you've captured it -- both in word and photo.

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