26 August 2009

bon appetit

in the following post marta breaks from Benji Week to discuss the new film, julie & julia. if you want the whole movie to be a complete surprise, please abort ship. if you need to be talked into seeing it, you've seen it, love it, and want more of it, read on.

my girlfriends and i went out tonight to see julie & julia. (after a year of living here, i have really made some fantastic friends here in this town. these girls are seriously the best and make me feel not so sad to be so far away from my sisters. they are darling and intelligent and fun. people i admire. and i'm not just saying that because they read my blog. a fact in which makes them all the more likable.) going on, i love the movies. as in going to the movies. as in popcorn and previews. as in overpriced tickets and armrests with cupholders. as in daddy warbucks takes annie for the first time to a real theater. yes, this is how much i love the movies.

and, thankfully, this movie did not disappoint.
you should see this movie if you...

a. are my mother.
b. love food.
c. love france.
d. love new york.
e. love butter.
f. love blogging.
g. love cooking.
h. have ever had a cooking catastrophe.
i. think about blogging more than you should.
j. think about cooking more than you should.
k. want to publish a book.
l. want to follow your dreams.
m. wonder how to become a whole new you.
n. have ever wished for a set of copper sauce pans.

it was a happy, charming flick that reassured me that...

a. nora ephron is a genius.
b. miss amy adams is the new meg ryan ala you've got mail.
c. not everyone has it all figured out. thank goodness.
d. having a supportive person in your life is a very good thing.
e. you don't always know how your life will wrap up.
f. no one knows the potential that lies within them.
g. you must keep trying. no matter what, no matter what.

i came home to a husband who was reading and a baby who was sleeping and a house smelling like sauteed garlic and olive oil (more vegetables from our favorite farmer). mmm, i was subconsciously channeling my inner julia and went on and on about how goooood it smelled. then i wrote this blog and am now going to go to sleep. i hope i dream about french food. or publishing a bestseller. or making the perfect poached egg. au revoir.


amy said...

Wow, I had plans to see this movie but your post makes me not want to let another day pass and find a midnight showing! Love how a good movie can inspire.

melissa kaye said...

I absolutely adored this movie and want to see it again. LOVE Meryl Streep..she is amazing in any role she takes on! ;)

kh said...

You've confirmed it for me. I WILL SEE THIS MOVIE.

crissy // mama boss said...

I want to see the movie. The previews really did me over. It looks like a movie I'd like.
It also helps that I've heard (and read about) so many people who have seen, enjoyed and recommend the film.
I have a lot of films on my must-see list right now, and this one just jumped up another spot.

Misti said...

The book made it around the blog world a few years ago but I finally got around to reading the book in July in preparation for the movie. I ended up liking the Julie better in the book than movie and loved how they covered Julia so much in the movie.

You can relate much better to Julie in the book, I think.

I think Meryl Streep deserve an Oscar nomination!

Tiffany said...

I'm reading My Life in France right now and becoming slightly obsessed with Julia Child. I'll see the movie the minute I read the last page! Can't wait!

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you've made some wonderful friends.

RW said...

It was a delightful movie.
Inspiring and endearing. I agree Meryl Streep is fantastic.

Estee Renee said...

I spent a glorious Saturday morning with 150 senior citizens at the "CHEAP TICKET" show and absolutely loved every moment of this movie... yay Nora Ephron!!! I share your sentiments exactly!

And I love reading your blog, Marta! Hope you have a great week with your hubby and your beautiful ball of Benji boy!


ellen said...

I loved it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh MAN, I loved this movie. And YES to everything you said, especially the bits about Nora and Meg circa You've Got Mail. That movie is my all time favorite, and the only reason I still own a VCR.

carol said...

marta - thank you for sharing your creative writing & life with us in blog world! you've got a movie started right here on your own blog!

Janssen said...

oh, I cannot wait to see this movie! Why are so many good ones coming out right now!?

brooke said...

I loved it too. But it made me sooo hungry. I got home after midnight and devoured more food than my husband has ever seen me eat in one sitting. I think he was secretly disgusted.

I agree with RW that Meryl Streep deserves an Oscar. I really loved Julia's husband. He was so sweet and supportive. I think more women would accomplish their goals with a man like that next to them.

Hil said...

such a good show. thanks for letting me tag along and eat your Junior Mints!

Alicia said...

LOVED this movie! Among all of the wonderful things about it I thought that the clothing was fabulous as well! Wondering if we'll see a lot of pearls out & about this year...

Kiasa said...

I really can't wait to see this movie! I fit into all of your "see this moving if you..." categories (except being your mother, obviously :))

Now I'm even more excited to see it!


summer said...

i gasped when i saw the subject of this post. hooray!! i was wishing and hoping that this one would be worth a 30 minute trip to a real city to go to a real theater to see. i am so excited now! thank you, thank you, marta! you see, i too, am a 'let's go to the movies' gal. hopelessly devoted to the full movie going experience. raisinets and middle of the row seats and most definitely, previews.

Michelle @ Twig said...

I could go on and on about this movie as well and actually already did on my blog ;o) but I just wanted to say that YES! I was so reminded of Meg Ryans in You've got Mail from Amy Adams performance!

talesofahummingbird said...

to echo all - i loved loved loved the movie. yes it inspired. yes it made me laugh. yes it made me cry. oh dear did it get me all giddy and giggly, how i LOVE the portrayal of julia child. i talked my husband out of harry potter and into this flick and even he got a kick out of it. maybe it helps him understand my wierd, girly, crazy, bloggy, foody, projecty, always-doing-something, trying-to-be-a-better-me kind of approach to life. gosh, did i love it. looking forward to the book!

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