26 August 2009

the little details

thank you, thank you for all the birthday love and good wishes. you are too too kind. benji and i lapped it up, right along with his 3 tier vanilla buttercream cake. thank goodness it turned out. mmm. yes, we've indulged in a lot of sweetness and sugar these past few days. more on the cake-a-thon later. for now i wanted to answer some questions i received about benji's birthday celebration.

• the goldfish jars are small plastic containers from Michael's craft.
• the donuts were from daylight donuts. i will take you there if you visit me.
• the pinwheels can be created with square scrapbook paper, pins & straws. diy.
• the pinwheel vases held raw pinto beans, i love using my food storage.
• a rolled up magazine page works as a great funnel for said beans and goldfish.
• benji's party hat came from a darling girl at little one boutique.

p.s. if you're in the need for silver, black or white pins (like the ones seen here), let me know. i have extras to sell. they would be great for a fancy cork board.


amber said...

Okay so I'm a blog stocker. hehe. I know you don't know me, but I recently found your blog and I am loving it! I love all the quotes! Love the one by Dr. Seuss. I needed to hear that today. :) Hope you don't mind me stopping by every now and then. :) Keep up the good work! amber

Hannah said...

darling party for a darling boy! what luck he has to have a party expert for a mother.

Travelin'Oma said...

The party looks perfect. And Benji standing? He grew up overnight!

Jake said...

This is the best reason to blog. Share your good ideas with us all. Plus, in a few years, Benj will look at it and see what a great childhood he had!!!

Lucky boy.

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