04 September 2009

featured: kirei nest

for the record, thank you a thousand times for all the love yesterday. i felt it. way over here in idaho. and some of you will be rewarded for your kindnesses in comment land. that's right, to blog is to bribe, with handmade goodies. more on that next week. for now, a regularly scheduled post.

to my delight, the author of the fantastic blog the kirei nest requested my input on gathering a virtual welcome basket to say hello, idaho. nicole has divine taste and is someone i'd readily head out shopping with. she has asked bloggers from all over the country to introduce their state with a basket full of unique, handmade wares that are fittingly found in their neck of the woods.

i love a whole bunch of things about my spot on the map. i've discovered a handful of little darling places to dine and shop (that do not yet have websites attached to them). as a graphic designer i have to stop myself from leaving my business card on their counter. because getting off the grid means going outside to say hello to your neighbors. our favorite farmer does not have a website, a cell phone or even a fruit stand. still, people come and claim his delicious fresh goods all summer long by just showing up. the produce speaks for itself. and once you see the beauties of idaho, the wide open skies will speak to you too.

thank you to the kirei nest for putting me and my locale in the limelight. and don't miss the free idaho theme downloads. they are downright darling.

will be posting peach salsa soon.
i have peaches coming out of my ears.
cobbler, anyone?


ashlynn said...

I just moved to IF 4 months ago & reading your favorites made me smile. I have had fun trying to do all things local, in fact people I do know here (which is a handful) don't even know about the events I invite them to. Having no family or friends around makes you get out of your comfort zone & enjoy your surroundings.

If you live in IF (not sure) we would love to have you join our Ladies Activity Club. www.lacidaho.blogspot.com

holtkamp said...

i love your post marta. i've only been to ID a couple times, but will definitely check out more spots next time!

Hil said...

Love it Marta! You truly captured little ol' idaho in all it's goodness.

Amanda said...

Oooh-peach salsa sounds delish:)

Miranda said...

I'm so glad that you love Idaho so much. My heart aches to be there again sometimes, but I'm always loving the new discoveries her in Colorado! Great post btw.

hannah said...

i'll always have a special place in my heart for idaho. some of the best years of my life were spent there...

you have a knack for making the simple things in life beautiful.

Sara said...

what a lovely site and terrific ideas! i just had my in-laws visit us for the first time and i wanted to have an "idaho treat" wrapped up for them in their room... so i went to sarah's candy cottage (next to winco, famous for their bulk candies) and grabbed a couple of yummy things. there's nothing like a little thoughtfulness to make someone feel welcome, and i love that you share this sentiment:)

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