16 September 2009

keeping keepsakes

i am always looking for ways to document my little one's days. he will only be little for so long. and as you know, i am always happy to find alternative methods to the typical scrapbook. don't get me wrong, i love a pretty scrapbook page; square layouts with handwritten journaling bits and fantastic swirlies and so on. but the whole process makes me squeamish. pulling out all that stuff. all that pressure, all those scraps. i feel queasy and overwhelmed. and along comes that insistent Perfectionist Pest i know so well, always with her big prada bag of expectations. she perches on my shoulder and watches me while twittering on her blackberry.

therefore, i'm saving benji's keepsakes in sweet boxes and simple books instead. i found a perfect box a few months ago at Michael's craft store. am loving how easy it is to collect and store. after the first month he was born, i created a shutterfly book (seen in this post) about welcoming benji to our nest. it was created as a storybook for him. i am truly happy i did that right away while my newborn, my firstborn, was still a babe in arms.

never ending darling ideas at cookiemag.com


Cadence Chronicles said...
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kelly said...

marta - you are too cute. it's funny to hear YOU worry about the perfectionist perched on your shoulder because I think everything YOU do IS perfect.

I'm with you on the scrapbooking... it's just too much for me to handle & so overwhelming.

Now that my boys are just a wee bit older we've started using the "THIS is ME" journal (www.thisisme.com)
it is AWESOME! it's just like those fill in the blank journals i'm sure you had as a kid.... now my boys answer questions and draw pictures. perfect for the future!

Dawn said...

That's great. It's how mothers did things for hundreds of years and I think it's quite sufficient. Who says youe grown kid is going to have the same taste as you and want some frilly, over-the-top scrapbook?
Susan Branch had a nice idea, too. Get a little trunk and put a good bottle of wine from the year of their birth, a newspaper from the day they were born, and anything else special you can think of...then give it to them on their wedding day.

Kristin said...

Thanks for such a different take on memory keeping. I have done the photo books, but love the idea of a homemade modern photo book that's not a traditional scrapbook! I have tried to scrap booked twice each time one page took me over two hours and am reminded that that is why I don't scrap book.

Oh and I guess my husband rode was in your husband's group for the Lotaja. I have some pics of him at the start line that I will send your way :)

Siobhan said...

thank you so much for reminding me about your shutterfly project. I starred the article when you first posted it and it promptly got buried under a million other starred items. I have thought about doing it so many times since then but couldn't remember the name or where I saw it.

I was only thinking about my 3yo daughter's keepsake box that other day when I was adding another item and had trouble closing the lid. I really need to organise it out a bit more so thanks for the inspiration

Lin said...

Lovely ideas! I'm definitely going to do the letter thing.
I received the lovely banner you made today! It is really beautiful - lovely paper choices. I just have to decide where to hang it now. Many MANY thanks! Best wishes!

[eeny] said...

Marta, you are so hitting the nail on the head... I soooo know that Perfectionist Pest with her big prada bag. She sits on my shoulder a lot, too. (I quoted you on my blog today.)

Oh and thanks for your lovely mail the other day.

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