18 September 2009

pop quiz: the art of blog reading

my friend summer and i were just discussing something and i thought i'd open it up to you folk. because you're my favorite. i'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject; reading blogs.

please write a mini essay (in the comments) concerning this topic. answer any of the following questions. how do you read them (via rss feed; google reader, bloglines)? do you open each blog up one by one and view it's actual pretty page? which is your preferred method? what time of day do you read blogs? how many do you read each day? are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader? what time of day do you write blogs? what does a blog need to keep you coming back? what tips do you have for blogland? when you visit a new-to-you blog, what is the first thing you notice? what do you look for in a first impression, blogwise? one of you just might win something for being so daring to voice your opinion.

"...i am holding onto the hope that people still come to my site and read the posts in their 'home' instead of always through an rss feed. i feel like the words lose a bit of the allure and flair and individuality that way. (not that i would ever give up google reader, because i think it's quite dandy.) as i scroll through my feed i always use your links and read your posts via the actual m.writes page because that is just what feels right. for me the 'setting' is a big part of the story. i hope readers have not given up on being in the blog that they are following. do you know what i mean? i am just wondering if other bloggers ever feel the same way."

quote via email from summer. couldn't agree with her more and love the way she strings words together so perfectly. yes, yes, agreed. the posts do belong in their setting.

on a similar note:

• i really like what (my very cute and very pregnant sister-in-law) anna jo wrote about what the choices in your blogroll say about you. true, true.

• am starting a new category; blog + business. lets face it, la blogging and la small businessing are favorite topics of mine to blog about. these type of posts always seem to receive the most comments so they may as well have a place of their own.

• today marks one week until my birthday. yes, i am one of those who celebrates the date of birth for as long as one can possibly justify. which means, let the party begin. have a good weekend.


Robyn Devine said...

how do you read them (via rss feed; google reader, bloglines)?
** i read blogs mostly in google reader. when i want to comment, i hop over to the "real" space and comment there.

do you open each blog up one by one and view it's actual pretty page? which is your preferred method?
** sometimes i do this, but i'll admit that i don't do it as often as i should.

what time of day do you read blogs? how many do you read each day?
** i'm one of those obsessive people that comes back to my google reader like ten times a day and checks in. i probably read at least a hundred a day, between craft blogs, gossip blogs, etc.

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader?
** mostly a fly-by-blog reader, unfortunately. but i'm trying to get better about commenting!

what time of day do you write blogs?
** all day!

what does a blog need to keep you coming back?
** i need to feel connected somehow. either through great tips and tricks, a writing voice that resonates, pretty pictures, etc. generally speaking i'll follow just about anyone, and then "try them out" for awhile, see if i'm feeling connected.

when you visit a new-to-you blog, what is the first thing you notice?
** i notice their voice. i will get distracted by the pretty pictures, but then i really hunker down and get to know the person.

what do you look for in a first impression, blogwise?
** honesty. that's what i look for. openness and honesty about their topic of choice.

Hannah said...

i read different blogs differently. if they business blogs or design blogs, i feel a lot less motivated to visit their site. i take what i can from their rss feed and move on.

but...if they are personal; if they allow me to get to know the writer, i feel almost obligated to visit and comment. (i feel like they are welcoming me into their home...it wouldn't be right to not let them know i was there. even on my family's blog sites.)

i read about 100 blogs each day. well...i subscribe to that many. i have a section in google reader called "good reads" that has about 20 blogs in it. those are the ones i actually READ. most of the other 80, i breeze through looking at pretty pictures and products for inspiration without reading any words.

i read blogs throughout the day during work breaks. i do my writing the same way...whenever i can catch a break.

to keep me coming back, a blog needs to have something to offer. i read all sorts of blogs, so i don't need one thing. it could be design inspiration, laughter, motivation, uplifting thoughts on motherhood, craft ideas, etc.

i mostly enjoy reading blogs that allow me to get to know the writer. (i used to subscribe to a lot of cooking blogs, but unsubscribed to most of them. i can get recipes anywhere...i want to get to know the cook.)

my biggest tip for the blogland is to communicate with each other. (especially if the blog is a personal blog that invites people to get to know them.) leave a comment when you visit other people's blogs. when people ask you a question on your blog in comments...answer them in the comments or a new post. many other readers probably are wondering the same thing. blogging is a social outlet for many, so be social!

As a designer, the first thing i notice is the design and the pictures in the posts.

Bluebelle said...

I have all my blogs stored in google reader but I got my husband to set up a keyboard shortcut that just takes me to the next unread post from my google reader. I hate reading them in the reader - the way a blog is laid out says a lot about the writer, plus it's prettier!

I comment when I have something to say - sometimes I just click through, and nothing jumps out at me, some days I sit commenting on blog after blog for ages!

I don't read every day, sometimes I don't get time. But often I like to read a few as a break from other things.

I like reading crafty blogs, but also ones that have people's lives intertwined with the creativity they're sharing. For me blogs are like people's stories, so I read all sorts.

I try to only write when I have something to say, or show - I love blogs with lots of pictures!

Lee said...

Yours is one of my most favourite blogs – I recommend you to friends frequently - and I have left the occasional comment, which therefore requires more actual visits since you can’t leave a comment via RSS feed – or can you? I suppose it’s good that I’m also technically challenged. In order to use my time more efficiently, I read via google reader, but to be truthful, I have far too many blogs (100+) in it and really have to pare down my selections. They are all so wonderful and diverse, I don’t know what I’d cut out at this point. As for writing, I have no set schedule, though it is generally during the afternoon, before I collect the kids from school at 3PM. I read blogs first thing in the morning and in the evening. I come back to certain blogs due to content, which may be why I don’t need the pretty package so much. I’ve seen the package once, and really, how often is it changed? But, in order to have an accurate count of who reads my blog, I’ve changed the reader option to the “short” version so if you are interested in the first couple of sentences, you have to go to the blog to read the complete entry. A new-to-me blog is put in the reader based on both the referring blog, the content of the new blog, and if it meets my current needs: writing, photography, design, ideas, etc.

I look for an honest and authentic voice. No matter what the content might be, I want to read someone who is thoughtful and not afraid to write an opinion, express their thoughts and offer insight.

Keep up the awesome work! I'm looking forward to your new venture. You are always inspiring and I so appreciate your talent. Thank you so much for sharing.

tawnya said...

I read blogs on their actual page, but get my notifications via google reader. I am a freelance writer and checking for updates on blogs in my number one time waster / work avoider, so I read several times a day. I write when the mood strikes, but usually in the mornings. I need the gratification of comments all day long. But I'm needy like that.

I'm usually a fly by reader, but I'm trying to do better commenting since, you know, I'd like people to read my blog as well!

To keep me coming back isn't simple. I need a connection of some sort with that person. I need to understand, in some way, what they write and it needs to speak to me. Clear, right? I know of popular blogs that I don't like because I don't relate. I know obscure blogs that I love because they speak to me. It's a random criteria!

I notice writing style on a new to me blog. Excessive exclamations, text speak, etc...I may not look to see if I connect. After seeing a little connection, I think browsing archives is important. The latest entry isn't always a good indicator of previous / future material.

I think it's most important to be honest and yourself. My blog is pretty personal, but I think everyone has a story and it's a great exercise for me to share mine.

Hannah said...

i do want to add that i know none of us have time to comment on every blog post on every blog we read. so, when i say we should comment, i mean that we should comment occasionally; whenever we can.

Hil said...

I rely on google reader. I use it to let me know when blogs are updated. Before my days of google reader I was checking each and every single one of my favorite blogs every day. This would take up an immense amount of time, especially since most blogs aren't necessarily updated once a day.

I suppose I am a hypocrite in that I hope people read my blog at "home" because I have put so much time and effort into making it look pretty. However, I am usually lazy and read only from google reader. I hate to admit it, but that's just being honest! The only time I visit the actual page is when I am compelled to comment on the post.

It's all about saving time for me.

I do want to change my ways though, and visit blogger's actual pages it does add so much to the blog reading experience!

khead44 said...

When I first started following blogs I woul just remember the address and visit each page a couple of times a day, but that got really frustrating (someone would leave for a week and I would be so disappointed everytime I checked and there was nothing new). I finally gave up and now keep track of all my favorites through google reader. There are still 3-5 blogs that I don't have in google reader that I go check on a couple of times a week. Most of the time I don't go to the actual blog anymore. I do to look at some of the pictures, or for the rare comment, but mostly I don't.

I only subscribe to 15 blogs in Reader, but I do keep track of a couple, so I think there are 20 I follow.

I (almost) never comment. I just worry that the writer will be creeped out that someone they don't know is not only reading their about personal feelings/life, but then the feel the need to give their opinion. I think of it as a privilege to be allowed a glimpse into other people's lives and don't want to disturb them (like watching an animal in their natural habitat, maybe?) I will leave comments if they ask for comments, or sound upset, depressed, or in need of encouragement. I would never dream of critisizing someone for putting themselves out there. If I'm offended or upset by something they wrote, I simply stop reading. I feel like everyone is entitled to their corner on the internet where they can express themselves.

I always check first thing in the morning. Occasionally if it has been a long day and I need a distraction/pick me up, I will check in the afternoon as well.

I'm always captured by beautiful pictures, especially of chidren/babies. I always love blogs with tips, tricks, and tutorials. I appreciate honest blogs where there is as much talk about failures and frustrations as happiness and successes. I can relate when I know someone is human, but I don't feel a connections when it seems someone is perfect and never makes mistakes or is ever discouraged. I also love blogs when the writer has a beautiful voice that really allows me to get to know them. That is a really hard voice to find, which is why I don't keep track of many blogs (I love your voice, by the way).

When I first visit a blog, I notice the pictures. Then I notice the organization and past post topics. If a blog is hard to navigate, rarely posted to, or about topics I really have no interest in, I don't read anymore. The other thing that sends me running is if music starts blasting from their page.

Maggie said...

I read blogs through google reader each morning while I am at work. I have blogs organized by folders. The blogs that are in my “favorites” folder I read each day without fail…and I look at every picture and read every word. There are about 15 blogs in this category. These are the same blogs that I will click to every once in a while to see what’s new and how things are looking but I rarely click over to the blogs to read the posts. If I can hear the writer’s voice while I am reading, that’s enough. There are an additional 15 – 30 blogs in my reader that I either skim or read entirely depending on the content of the post and how much I feel like I am connected to the writer.

I don’t comment often unless it is for a blogger that I know personally, in “real” life. Otherwise, I only click over and comment if the blogger has written something or put up pictures that speak to me and I also know that they have a smaller readership and are more likely to read my comments. A few bloggers have replied back on my e-mail and said “thanks for reading” or dialogued back with me about what I wrote – this makes it more likely that I will comment on their blog because I know that they are reading what I write. I also will comment on blogs once in a while just to let them know that I am reading and why I am reading.

When I visit a new blog, the first thing that I do is read their “about me” section. What’s the story here? Who is this person? If there is something there that I can relate to, I keep perusing to decide if I really want to add another blog to the 30 or so that I already read. I started reading blogs for creative inspiration….and read every blog that I found. Once I realized that there are gazillions of blogs that offer creative inspiration, I narrowed down based on the personality of the blogger and how much personal information they share….or whether of not I’ve connected to the blogger after having them in my reader for a couple of weeks. If bloggers aren’t interested in sharing even the tiniest bit of personal information than I am less likely to read. Now when I find new creative blogs I’ll check out their links to things they have created and see if I want to “follow” them to see what else they can come up. I also read humorous blogs or blogs that have a touching story to tell – I come back to these blogs because they offer a quick link to get you up to speed or a link with some of their funniest stories –it is a fast way to “get to know” them.

I’ll admit that I didn’t have your blog in my google reader when I first came across it a long time ago – I think this is because I couldn’t quickly figure out who you were or where you were at in life. Once you started doing the writer’s workshop I came back once in a while to see what had been added. Then you started sharing stories about your son and being a mother and I was touched and that is a large part of what keeps me reading. I am close to you in age and will be trying to have a baby soon and I like reading your perspective….plus I like your pictures and honest writing style.
Whew – long comment, but I just wanted to answer every aspect of your post!

kh said...

What a topic to discuss! I love it, cause it pertains to ALL of us. :0)

How do I read blogs? I 'open each blog up one by one and it's actual pretty page.' (I used to design blog sites, so I know it takes a lot of time. I appreciate everyone I see.)

What time of the day do I read blogs? In the morning, while my babies are having breakfast.

How many do I read each day? Just the "new" ones. (The ones with new posts.)

What's my commenting status? I try to comment on each post I read. When I blogged I LOVED comments, and I am sure I am not the only one, so if I read it, then I comment. Sometimes if I get behind in reading, I will read them all then leave a big comment on the top post and say something about each post I read.

When do I write blogs? I write when the mood strikes. Usually at night when the house is quiet and I can actually think without interuption. (My brain works better too, when I don't have 4 voices calling for Mom!)

What blogs need to keep me as a fan. Creativity. That's it. It could be the writing style, stories that make me laugh. Photography. Crafts. Etc. I don't generally follow blogs that are 'venting' blogs or angry blogs. There is too much of that already in the world. Since I read them in the morning, I choose the blogs I read based on how I feel after I read it. It makes for a good day when I can feel inspired or have a good laugh right at the start.

Tips for Blogland: keep the really private stuff to yourself. I have seen many of my friends get hurt because of something they read. It's not worth the hurt you cause, so keep the mean stuff to yourself. I HATE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS. Take them off. Everyone has a name and they shouldn't be afraid to use it. (Anon just gives people a chance to hide behind their words and not own them. Which can lead to mean comments.)

When I visit a new blog the first thing I notice is the: Set-up of the blog. Is it too busy? Is it creative? Does it match or is it just all thrown together? Does it have too many of those 'free' widgets (pazam) or is it designed in a pleasing and pretty way. I am not a loud boisterous person, so I tend to shy away from blogs that are that.

My first impression of a blog is based on the WRITING. I can't read a poorly written blog (sorry, I don't mean to sound snotty, I have an eye for error and I can't ignore them) I like intelligence and thought behind the posts. (Back to the 'why I don't like venting blogs...')

I think Blogging can be such a strength for people. It can (literally) bring people together. I wish more blogs included KIND WORDS and SUPPORT for one another rather than do the copy cat thing and/or compare and compete with one another. (Your blog DOES NOT do this, it's extremely well written and it's one of my ALL-TIME favorites. You are a classy lady Marta!)

This was fun Marta! It got me thinking...

P.S. If you are doing a drawing, please don't include my name. Sounds fun, but I just wanted to answer the questions.) :0)

Moments and Impressions said...

how do you read them?
- I use google reader but visit the blog most of the time - I prefer to visit the blog

what time of day do you read blogs?
- when I am taking a break from the not-so-fun (work, cleaning...)

how many do you read each day?
- I follow quite a few - but I have about 10 favorites that I love to see have new posts.

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader?
I used to just read - then I realized how I like when people commented on mine blog - so I am trying to be a good commenter and send thoughts when I think them.

what time of day do you write blogs?
- mostly during the day - during work lunch - otherwise it is at night.

what does a blog need to keep you coming back?
-I tend to come back to blogs that are about real life - with a little cooking - decorating and family rolled in - that is my favorite.

what tips do you have for blogland?
- I am a newbie - not seasoned enough for tips.

when you visit a new-to-you blog, what is the first thing you notice?
- the layout - I like simple and backgrounds that are easy to read with - then I look at the postings

what do you look for in a first impression, blogwise?
- posts that make me want to know about this person - draw you in and what to sit for a cup of coffee and chat.


I read my 100plus blogs through Googlreader, mainly cause I read them in the am when I am pressed for time, and Google lets me know which blogs have new posts. I jump to "Real Blog" form when I want to comment, which I only do when I feel I have something pertinent to add, otherwise I am fell as if I am just fishing for followers of my own.....To keep me coming back, I need to like/laugh with the blogger's voice. Some of them just sound right for me, while others, not so much....

sonya audrey said...

how do you read them (via rss feed; google reader, bloglines)?
I usually ready via google reader. I sometimes the blog in it's 'home,' and probably should more often. I think it just depends on the particular post, or the blogger. I have a few blogs that I really love to read on their site because I love the layouts of them.

what time of day do you read blogs?
I read when I have downtime. Now that I'm in school again, I'll read before my morning classes with a cup of coffee, or in between classes. When I'm home, I don't have a lot of free time on the computer.

how many do you read each day?
I have probably 50 blogs or so that I subscribe to. Some of the inspiration only design blogs get the "Mark all as read" if I get too far behind and can't check over the weekend. But if it's a personal blog, I always catch up.

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader?
I'm normally a fly-by-blog reader, but I'm really trying to get better about commenting. It really just depends on the post and the type of blog it is.

what time of day do you write blogs?

I just started my blog, after being a reader only, so I'm still working that out. Usually when something strikes me, or in the afternoon. Usually my thoughts are going pretty well by then. It takes me the morning to get cleared up.

what does a blog need to keep you coming back?
Either to inspire me, or be something that relates to me. I've done a lot in my life, and am in a fairly unique situation (at least I think so) and it's hard for me to find people who relate to me. That's why I decided to start writing. I love looking at craft blogs, and people who inspire me artistically, but was frustrated that most of the people I liked didn't have children. Or were much older. Or were always happy. lol. So I have a variety of blogs that appease me in different ways. Oh, and the overall design is fairly important as well.

when you visit a new-to-you blog, what is the first thing you notice? what do you look for in a first impression, blogwise?

Design + Voice. I like things that are clean + I love color. But if a blog is really overwhelming to me, I might have a hard time getting to really know the person because of all the distraction going on.

I recently found your blog and I really love it so far. And I just have to say that your name is just fantastic!

Katherine Vargas said...

how do you read them?
**via google reader

do you open each blog up one by one and view it's actual pretty page?
** no, I usually read them straight out of google reader, unless I want to comment

which is your preferred method?
**I'd like to read them each on their own page, but I'm usually at work & so it is more efficient to read them through the reader

what time of day do you read blogs?
**oh goodness, all day long on mon, tues, thur, & fri. I have sat, sun & wed off & try not to get on the computer at all on those days, though I usually fail miserably

how many do you read each day?
** I am subscribed to 85 blogs, of which I regularly read 83 - the other 2 are neat-o-rama & I only read those when I am bored & have read all of my other blogs up

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader?
** I am a fly-by-blog reader. sometimes I'll go to comment & someone else has said the exact same thing that I was going to say, so I don't really see the point an saying it again.

what time of day do you write blogs?
** late afternoon/early evening. that's usually when work has slowed down enough for me to be able to pot photos & all in one big swoop.

what does a blog need to keep you coming back?
**colour, good photos, and inspiring content. I like to read blogs about people who enjoy their lives and are trying to make the most of them & are learning all the time. I also read a lot of craft & food blogs

what tips do you have for blogland?
**oh I have no tips!

when you visit a new-to-you blog, what is the first thing you notice? what do you look for in a first impression, blogwise?
**the outlook of the person writing it. not to say that posts that are not always happy are no good, but you can tell a difference in the blog of a person that has a basically happy, upbeat outlook & is having a bad day or event & a person that is a downer. there is so much bad going on in the world already that I would rather read a hopeful, uplifting, vibrant blog

interesting questions! as said, I don't comment often, but I do so enjoy your writing. and your little one is adorable!

ALFIE said...

Ahhh…..blogs. Where does one even begin? What a fantastic world of inspiration, camaraderie, talent and passion.
I am addicted to the ACTUAL blog. I find myself only using google reader to confirm which blogs have been updated, and then I skip right on over. I love looking at the headers. The sidebars. Seeing the little details people put into their space is just as inspiring as their words.
I find myself sneaking into blogland earlier in the day, a cup of coffee in hand. My mind is crisp, and so is the day. Reading a few good posts---seeing a few fantastic photos---gives me that extra boost I might need to get things rolling the morning.
I have countless blogs bookmarked and followed. Upon examination it is clear that I am a hopeless addict. However, there are probably only 15 or so that I read daily (or as often as they are updated). I love a good presentation----a fantastic layout. I seek out engaging writing, creativity, and good taste. I enjoy quite the eclectic mix of blogs. My range spans from the personal, to the straight up fashionista blog, to the true-blue foodies. I am quite guilty of judging a blog by its cover. If you’re header intrigues me---I’m good for at least a few posts.
I try to comment regularly because I want people to know the rest of blogland appreciates their talent, their eye for the fabulous, and their openness. And, as a blogger, I have tasted the satisfaction of a meaningful comment. Having your words/photos recognized is a great feeling.
My only tip: do not conform. Don’t theme. I blog about literally whatever I am thinking, feeling, doing or loving. My blog is more for myself than for anyone else. A virtual scrapbook, if you will.

Make your blog your statement: I was here. I lived. I loved things. You can read about it!

Lovely Lindsay said...

this has been on my brains - so i'm glad you're asking.
i read first thing in the morning. it's a habit i've developed. if the babes are still asleep i like to roll around in my blog inspiration for a bit to hold me out for the rest of my day. although if i can sneak a free minute here and there i love to check back in. there are a few of my "dailies" {writers that post daily} that i'm usually waiting for - so if they haven't posted by morning i definitly check back.

i am tired of product blogs. i feel like some of my favorite blogs have gone the way of my favorite magazines. less good writing-lot's more ads. and really the same products are popping up on so many blogs that by the time i've seen a pretty something a gazillion times - it's lost it's pretty appeal. i'm sort of turned off by blogs with loads of ad space. it discourages me for some reason. makes the blog seem less real/honest and more like a moneymaker.

in my morning blog stroll i use google reader. i do a quick scroll through and right click to open any links that catch my eye in another tab. my tab bar fills up and i'll go visit those sites after the blogroll. it's like a little treat when my roll is done. the writing blogs i really like to dive in. i'll star them and come back to them in the evening. so i can really read them. soak them in - to tuck me in.

i'm a sucker for judging a book by it's cover. the header gets me most everytime. and the design of the blog in general. i have a few blogs that i read in their actual home just because the design makes me feel inspired and cozy. like an old friend. a favorite book.

as for commenting. if i read something that makes me feel something - i love to leave a comment. just to let the writer know i'm there. i know that for myself - each and every comment i receive is a little treat and hope that other blog writers relish in my comments as well. i've been wanting to start a comment revolution. a day when every blogger everywhere leaves a comment on all blogs in their readers. just so we know who's there. and know we're being read. maybe that could be the next thing in your blog+business catagory. organize the revolution miss marta.
if i notice a new commentor on my blog - i make sure to visit there's and leave a comment so they now i'm thankful for their visit.

if i get a return comment from a blogger favorite of mine - it makes me giddy. a silly blog connection is formed and i feel compelled to stop by more and leave more little notes of bloggy connection the next time i visit.

blogging has really become something that i love. i am grateful for it. grateful for the inspiring words and lovely pictures. grateful for the ideas shared on raising my family, being a wife, being a creative brain. grateful for true friendships i've formed with women i've never met in person but hold sweet spots in my little heart. grateful for the journal i'm encouraged to keep on my own blog. the little kick to keep on writing something for me to look back on. grateful that i've remembered to write for myself again.
love, lindsay

{amy k.} said...

how do you read them (via rss feed; google reader, bloglines)?
-I start in google reader because i could spend all day going from blog to blog if I let myself, so being in google reader helps me to see what I am reading and not click away on all the links on every single blog. But, I do love to visit the actual blogs of my favorite blogs quite often, because I feel like there's a different story, even when the words are the same, when you read it on the blog.

do you open each blog up one by one and view it's actual pretty page?
-not as often as I should, but like I mentioned above, I try to visit my "favorites" more often and whenever I want to leave a comment I go directly to the blog.

what time of day do you read blogs?
-I read blogs at any time of day, all through the day!

how many do you read each day?
-I read probably around 80 or so each day. I have a lot in my google reader but make sure to read my very favorites every day!

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader?
-I love to get comments on my blog so I try to leave comments for other people..."do unto others as you would have them do unto you" haha But I feel like if someone puts something out there for us to read and I enjoyed reading, I want to let them know I appreciate their words.

what time of day do you write blogs?
-I write at all times of the day. Sometimes multiple posts in one day, and then I set them to publish in the morning.

what does a blog need to keep you coming back?
-I love reading blogs where you feel like you actually know the person, you could sit with them and have lunch and talk and have fun. I love good writing, true emotions and stories, tutorials, crafts... you name it! I'm pretty easiliy pleased- but it takes an extra special blog to be a favorite! (and marta, you are definitely on my favorite list)

what tips do you have for blogland?
-I would say to make sure your email is linked up to your comments so that when you leave a comment and have a question, it's easy for the blogger to answer your question right away because all they have to do is hit reply. I wish I remembered how I did this... but I don't, I'm sure there's a tutorial out there somewhere- I'll have to look!

when you visit a new-to-you blog, what is the first thing you notice?
-I sort of take it all in at once... the design, if they have lots of links and pictures in their side bar, if they post often, the length of their posts, if they have pictures in their posts, it their writing intrigues me.... a little of everything.

what do you look for in a first impression, blogwise?
-someone I connect with.... just like if I met them somewhere else I'd want to be their friend. I love when bloggers are real and true to themselves, it makes for the best reading and inspires me to be more of me!

Lauryl Lane said...

I read my blogs with Google Reader via my iGoogle page. I don't open each blog and read it in it's own home simply because I don't have the time. I read blogs when I get up in the morning, at that point there are usually about 50 subs waiting for me to read. I skim many of them. I read blogs written by friends, blogs that are inspiring (like yours) and beaucoup wedding blogs because weddings are my vocation and it's important for me to stay current on industry trends.

Throughout the course of the day I continue to read anything that pops up in my feeder. I'm usually in my studio for most of the day (sans internet), but come up to the house for lunch and check online then. Again in the evening, I get all caught up. I write my own blog posts in the evening, but I usually schedule them to post the next morning.

Blogs that keep me coming back are full of great photos, brief but well written descriptions, and lots of visual beauty. I don't like blogs where people detail every aspect of their daily lives or bitch about their problems. We all have problems and negativities in our lives-- I look to blogland for release from the negativity- for a constant reminder that there are other women out there in this world of ours searching for beauty and sharing beauty just like I am.

I am a bad commenter and I want to do better. Usually it's just a time issue. Or sometimes I think, "this person doesn't know who I am, what if I creep them out by commenting?" But the truth of the matter is that I get totally giddy when ANYONE comments on my own blog, and I have a feeling that I could contribute to other giddy feelings if I'd just take the time to comment more on the blogs I read- even brief comments seem to make a difference.

I hope this comment has helped your research! ;-)

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Ooh, great post! I loved your SIL's post about this too.

*I read each blog in its own space - I just open the links from my blog's sidebar, every morning, usually with my breakfast.

*I think I probably read 5-15 blogs a day - but some I go back to several times during the day.

*I write blogs whenever I have 5 seconds to do so. :) Usually during my son's naptime or after he goes to bed, I suppose. I like to concentrate and make sure each post is just the way I like it, and that's hard to do with someone little pulling on your leg! (I'm sure you know, too). :)

*I like craft blogs right now. I think that many people, including myself, like blogs that are either by people (a) like themselves; (b) like they want to be; or (c) seem to be living some dreamy life that may not be exactly what we want but sure sounds amazing. I'd like to get more into the food blogs too, I absolutely love cooking and am even self-publishing my own cookbook soon!

*I love bright, beautiful, big pictures on blogs (who doesn't?).

*I love blogs where the author sometimes confesses that they're impatient, or they eat too much chocolate cake on weekends, or whatever - not really deep scary confessions that make the social worker in me worry, but just little confessions about daily life that we all have.

*I love (short) tutorials, short paragraphs, family vacations, and funny stories.

*On first impression, I look for a pretty or stylish or interesting layout that is easy to read and has appropriately-sized fonts. That's hard to explain, but some are so tiny that I can hardly read it (and I'm not even 30!) and some are so huge that I'm scrolling down after 3 sentences, which makes it hard to get a feel for the page.

*I also look for some interesting posts. It doesn't always have to be THE top post at the top that catches my attention, but, in scrolling down, I like to see 2 or 3 that interest me enough to read them through and comment.

Thanks for asking this! It's kinda fun to think about how we read blogs and interact with blogland!

Anneliese said...

how do you read them? no specific way...i see whats new and then hop from page to page. so i guess my final answer is i am always reading from the page.

what time of day do you read blogs? alllll day. its as regular as checking my email.

how many do you read each day? depends on how much time i have...but there are a handful that i check everyday.

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader? i will always comment when a question is asked if i feel like i have some sort of input or if the subject is something that i love or relate to.

beckie said...

how do you read them?
I go to each one I read, I have a lot of family and friends who use password protection and it is a pain to use google reader

what time of day do you read blogs?
friends and family in the morning, design, crafty etc during my lunch break

how many do you read each day?
about 50 unless I'm bored at work and browsing, then it is 100's

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader?
I'm a lurker, I hardly comment. I realize since I love comments on my blog I should be better about commenting on others. You came to my blog and left a comment and it totally made my day since I have been reading your blog for years and have been too shy to leave a comment

what time of day do you write blogs?
afternoon, when I have time at work

what does a blog need to keep you coming back?
I like people who care about what they are writing about and update often

what tips do you have for blogland?
please re-read what you write before you post it, badly written posts with lots of typos really frustrate me

what do you look for in a first impression, blogwise?
something interesting and unique, I think a distinct voice, like most people have said, is important. I am not a huge fan of blogs that just link to other people's blogs and ideas.

Michelle @ Twig said...

Ironic, I asked a line of questions over at my blog today too. Love hearing from the blog world!
1. I read blogs in their original format. I have looked over google reader but the reason a blog appeals to me is not only for its content but its appearance. The colors, the fonts, the pictures, the buttons all make blogging enjoyable and fun and unique to the individual. I recently minimized my daily link list because it was becoming too overwhelming and then I became a follower of all of the links I erased from my link list. I can then visit those other links (who don't update everyday anyway) on a more casual and irregular basis.
2. I read blogs all throughout the day but that is because my work is computer based and so I begin looking at a few here and there in the morning and depending on my day may look at a few more during lunch or in the afternoon. Sometimes I visit my favorite blogs multiple times throughout the day and click over to their archives for a specific piece of inspiration.
3. I look at about 8 blogs a day but then really read and admire just a handful. I always take the time to read my favorites and those that I have found are most appealing and interesting. The title and pictures help decipher the topic for reading as well.
4. I blog at anytime during the day when the moment allows but I rarely blog after 4 pm. The evening time is family time and I figure I have all day to be on the computer, my night time at home will not be one of them. I use the scheduling feature A LOT! so that I can write as I am inspired and save it for the perfect day.
5. I notice pictures first off but that doesn't always have to be the swaying factor to stay on a blog. For instance I value your writing style, your opinion, and your thoughts and so I stay to read whether there is a picture or not. Its been fun to watch blogs transpire. It seemed that in the beginning everyone used small pictures that were difficult to see and now people are enlarging everything, becoming quite organized, and really expanding in their blogging ideas and features.
Thanks for this, we're all going to learn a lot from these comments!

Little Gray Pixel said...

How do I read them? Via Google Reader. I subscribe to hundreds of blogs (music, food, art, photography, crafts), and it's the quickest way to get through all of them.

Do I open up each one? No. I have a great memory for aesthetics, so I can envision the blog in its original space. I do open them up when I want to leave a comment. Some days I have more time to comment than others.

What time do I read and how many do I read?
During the workweek, I have Google Reader minimized all day and will read as new posts are up. I try not to get too far behind because I once went a weekend without checking at all and opened up Monday morning to 320 posts. Yikes!

Am I a frequent commenter? There are certain blogs that entice me to comment, like yours. There are a handful that I feel compelled to comment on nearly every post. A few that I never feel like commenting on. Those are ones I eventually unsubscribe.

What time of day do I write blogs? Whenever I have a free moment!

What does a blog need to keep me coming back? Writing with a voice.

When you visit a new-to-you blog, what is the first thing I notice?
The aesthetic. Generally I can tell if someone is a kindred spirit based upon what they find "pretty." Sounds superficial, but nine times out of ten it's true.

What do I look for in a first impression, blogwise? If the blog is all pictures and no words, I'm out. I'm a photographer, but I also know how to tell a story. Plus I find it to be lazy. If I want to look at only photos, I'd just hop over to Flickr and browse around.

Anonymous said...

First, Happy early Birthday!

Second, here are my answers...

how do you read them (via rss feed; google reader, bloglines)?
*I use Google Reader. This morning when I logged in, I had nearly 300 unread posts. Yes, I have a lot of blogs that I read... they provide me with my daily inspiration.

do you open each blog up one by one and view it's actual pretty page?
*I try to, when I have the time.

which is your preferred method?
*Visiting the actual blog is definitely my preferred method.

what time of day do you read blogs?
*I read them during the day. I don't really get online on the weekends or evenings.

how many do you read each day?
*Too many ;)

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader?
*I comment as much as I can, again, time is of the essence.

what time of day do you write blogs?
*Usually before work or after my son has gone to bed in the evenings.

what does a blog need to keep you coming back?
*A nice layout (clean, simple, uncluttered), a homey feeling, inspiration, oh and good grammar ;)

when you visit a new-to-you blog, what is the first thing you notice?
*The layout, font, and overall feel of the blog. I see design first and foremost (don't know why?!).

what do you look for in a first impression, blogwise?
*Someone who is funny, sweet, or just super interesting. I love your blog (and Summer's!) as both of you write so eloquently.

brooke said...

I love reading blogs so much I've all but given up tv for it. I mostly read them in bloglines but when I want to comment, I usually click in.

I write most of my posts at night after my kids are in bed so I can have some peace and quiet and I don't have to try to read the screen between a pair of chubby baby legs--my toddler stands on the desk while I read blogs.

I love comments so I try to comment as much as I can on other blogs.

Can I voice an irritation I have? It's something that my sister (who also blogs) and I discuss regularly. We both have good friends who live out of state who don't read our blogs. No big whoop--reading blogs is not for everyone. But then they get on us for not staying in touch. I try to explain to them that if they would read my blog and comment, I could email back and it is so much easier to really keep in touch that way. I've met so many friends through blogging, I just wish that my out of touch friends would take the time to read the blog...okay, rant over.

I love blogs like yours that are not "family blogs." Though I do think family blogs have a place, I love seeing Benji but also love reading about your thoughts and feelings and funny stuff that is not kid-related. Thanks for doing both. amen. I'm on one today.

Tiffany said...

First, and most important, happy pre-birthday. I believe in week(s)-long celebrations too!

Second, great discussion. I read almost entirely through Google Reader, because of time constraints. Blog-reading is my guilty pleasure! Although I do love to visit the "home" of sites when I comment. I find myself returning to the sites that are appealing visually, even if I tend to read them in rss form most of the time.

And how many do I read? It really varies on my workload, but I frequently add to and delete from my subscription list. Right now, it's probably a little less than 200 in my reader.

Great discussion, birthday girl!

mary plus vince said...

:::i used to use bloglines, but it was always giving me trouble so now i just google reader and i love it. i usually just read them in there, but if i want to comment i go in to the blog. i will admit, there are some blogs i always open up to read them.

:::i read blogs usually first thing in the morning, and then again in the evening.

:::i try to comment more on blogs, because everyone loves a comment, right? i know i love when people comment on my blog, so i try to return the favor!

:::i write blog posts at all sorts of different times throughout the day. i probably most frequently post in the evening though.

:::i love blogs with pretty pictures, pretty words, and pretty lives. i love to feel inspired. i finding people who love life and you can see that in their words + photos. i'm addicted to photography, design + decorating, and fashion blogs!

Natalie said...

well. i blog all day long, when the inspiration comes, but i post at night.

i read my favorite blogs in the morning, before i've even brushed my teeth (that's pathetic isn't it).

i read my second favorite blogs over lunch.

i read the rest of the blogs i follow throughout the day as i need a break from whatever.

i use google reader (it rocks!) and the "next" button. i try to see the blogs in their usual context, unless its a blog that posts 3+ times a day, because those posts aren't worth a full click through when it's just an image and a sentence or too.

and i'm new to your blog and i like it! we should be blog friends! do you believe in blog friends? i do.

Katie said...

I'm a nighttime and early morning reader - I feel as though I need to keep up daily as I probably have 300 blogs in my reader. I have almost gotten away from reading them on the actual blog unless I'm going to comment! How sad? One thing I miss about going to the actual blogs is I like that I can discover other blogs that way.
I lean towards - photography, crafty, artsy & friends blogs - I'm very partial to those with the best photography or simply just interesting pictures. More recently I have been finding myself interested in those with more written content it doesn't even have to be something I'm into? Who knows what's that about?

As for my blogging - I do it mostly in the evenings after work it's like a routine - blog then play! ;D When I'm not working from home I like to write blog posts in my head on the commute, there's something about driving down the road that makes me feel wordy. Unfortunately most of those blogs usually end up on the directors floor however. I find however I'm not one to blog about something unless I have a photo to share with it, I tend to be the queen of run on sentences and disconnected ramblings, but blogging is something special to me and I'm not sure why? But I do so love it.

Linda in KS said...

I love using google reader for blogs. It's just faster. Sure I'd love to go to everyone's blog and read on their sites with all the nuance and mood there, but it just isn't practical... unless I want to do nothing but sit at the computer all day!

But I do stop in from time to time. Blogs are a lot like friends. I don't have the time to get together with friends every time I want to. So in between visits, I might chat on the phone, text, or read their status updates on Facebook. Then when I just want someone to talk to, I can see them for coffee or lunch at their house or mine.

To me, blog reading is no different. Most days, I only have time for a quick stroll through my blog reader. But at other times, I need more. That's when I click through and hang out. I might look for favorite posts or look more at a post from several days before. I might click on my favorite categories...

I love revelations and photographs. I subscribe to more blogs that look pretty and less that are wordy - though I love reading.

I try to keep my blog list around 10 (as suggested by Zen Habits). It helps keep my reading on a more intimate level... I feel I know the blogs I read better that way. But occasionally the number goes way up. I'll visit blogs frequently before I add them to google reader.

One thing I hate are ads. I understand that bloggers want/need to make money. But sometimes it's nice to not have to see it. I don't mind at all if the blogger is peddling his/her own wares - I often buy from the bloggers I read! BUT I get tired of blogs that have constant sponsor giveaways, unless they are truly fantastic.

There. That's it. For what it's worth.

Rose said...

hehe. blog reading 101. finally a subject i would have no trouble discussing at a dinner party!
my random thoughts. i do love google reader. it keeps it all organised and i don't miss out on new posts from my favourite blogs. that being said. i do find reader a little depressing i.e. sitting down to hundreds of unread posts can often feel like a chore.
i did install the google reader next button and this little gadget is super wonderful. so if i were to discuss my ultimate way to read my blogs i would say, open google reader and click through the ones that are so-so {need to do a tidy up but have never got round to it!} then i just hit the button and read my favourites in all their technicolor glory!
interesting to read everyone's thoughts.
happy birthday week!

Jill said...

hi marta.

i agree with you, it really is so much better to view a blog in its own space. i use google reader, which i love, but i also like to click over and comment frequently.

i really relate to what your sis-in-law said about shifting interests in blog reading. i feel that all the time. every couple of months or so i go through my subscriptions and make sure i'm happy with what i have. it's easy to get bogged down in the vast amount of blogs out there, and i want to make sure i'm really 'into' what is coming across my screen.

for me, i find the blogs i always stick to, are the blogs that are original and creative. the blogs that inspire me to think and to seek a more beautiful perspective. i sometimes feel like i'm coming down with 'same-brain' syndrome and my blog starts to become like so many that i read. so i have to shake it up and remind myself to be true to me.

anyway. quite the ramble. but thanks for your post, i love your blog.


caitlin said...

Wow Marta! You're going to be busy reading!

I find out who has posted through Google Reader. But I usually connect to their page. Unless it's a blog that I am just checking for specific things, recipes, crafts, etc..

I read blogs as people post them, but usually in the morning. Never on weekends. I read about twenty a day.

I am a frequent commenter.

I write blogs in the morning, so I have all day to get comments before I post again the next day.

A blog needs to be clean and simple. And as picky as this sounds I hate when I am reading and I see grammatical or spelling errors. Every now and again I get that things slip by. Get to the point. Be entertaining, don't get caught up in what YOU want to write, think of your readers, what do THEY want to read. Unless you are journaling, and then I get it. I do a little of both.

Allison said...

I read a ridiculous number of blogs. They span a variety of topics and focuses (healthy living, design, news, career/business, etc. etc.) which is partly why my own blog is such a mishmash of topics. I mostly read them through my wonderful Google reader, though quite often by the time I'm done working my way through the posts I have dozens of new windows opened in Firefox, either from links I want to check out or actual blogs opened up because I intend to comment.
Unfortunately, I've gotten into a habit of speed reading blog posts because it's so time consuming to keep up with all the blogs I'm subscribed to. I'm trying to figure out a way to devote an appropriate amount of time to reading blogs without watching them take over my life. Some techniques so far include starring or "mark as unread"-ing certain posts that I know deserve more time than I can afford at the moment.
A compelling post that inspires me to comment obviously gets me to click over to the blog itself. Once there, I may or may not click around to see what new features or links have been added since I last visited.
To get my attention and possible subscription, I like a strong voice. Intelligent, thoughtful, interesting, playful, honest, and relatable are all good qualities. I tend to enjoy stories more than lists and straight-up advice. Interesting archives and categories are a plus (when I first found your blog, I spent quite a bit of time scrolling through your topics and categories. Love the images you use for each, by the way). I love finding new tips and ideas, recipes, links.
I'm trying to comment more often, but too often I'm in too much of a rush. Or I get to the comments section and think, is what I want to say really going to add to the discussion? Is it worth the time? But when I see the author often responds to comments or addresses them in future posts, I feel more connected and wanting to comment.

As for celebrating your birthday: My family celebrates birthday months. Luckily none of us share one; June is all mine, my brothers get July and October, my mom April, my dad November. The "birthday eve" is a holiday all its own. So enjoy and live it up.

talesofahummingbird said...

i have links to my favorite blogs on my blog - and i go to each of their very pretty pages to browse - i try to keep up with them daily. my favorite is with my breakfast before my boy is awake.

i like to comment often, it is exciting to know that a) people are reading your blog and b) people care what you have to say. i'd say i read about 20 - sometimes you get sucked into blogland and you end up linked to some random blog that was 3 away from your original blog but they all lead you down this fun trail of discovery (random stalking?)

i like a well organized blog, and of course it should be pretty. i like blogs that are well written and personal - but obviously they're more interesting if someone gives you something to inspire.

yours is one of my favorites, fyi. :)

Rachel said...

Google reader, usually in morning, over several cups of hot tea. I skim so many blogs in my reader (including local real estate news and other things that I don't need to click over for) and scan for people and posts I love and then open those links in a new tab. Once I have 5 or so tabs open I take a break from reader and click through my tabs to read full posts and comment if I feel inspired.

I almost always click through to posts I'm interested in, but I do have to admit that when people use that function that only shows a couple of lines in my reader, I tend to not click over. I like the option of seeing the entire post in my reader and it gives me a chance to catch up on people when I don't have time to open every blog and leave a comment.

Looking for - simplicity, beauty (writing, photos or both). Good recipes are a bonus.

Aunt Spicy said...

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader?
you know,I seem to comment more on blogs of bloggers who comment on my blog...it helps make the whole blogging experience interactive for me.

what time of day do you write blogs? and what time of day do you read blogs? sunny sunday mornings -- feet up, sun streaming in the window, ice cold diet coke, and the photos and words depicting amazing lives of people, I otherwise would never have known.

what tips do you have for blogland? leaving a comment on the blog of someone you don't know is like smiling at a stranger...the postive impact can be far reaching!

Ashley said...

how do you read them? google reader--it's the best!

do you open each blog up one by one and view its actual pretty page? I do on some, but absolutely when I want to comment (which is often)

what time of day do you read blogs? usually midday

how many do you read each day? oh... too many. 30+... more after the weekend--I don't have internet at home besides my iphone and it's small...

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader? depends on the blog. i tend to comment on smaller blogs, or people whose writing really impress me, like you and Summer.

what time of day do you write blogs? usually evening. sometimes during the day.

what does a blog need to keep you coming back? things to which I can relate, thoughtful things, people who are funny/great writers/designers/photographers--people who are original and not afraid to be themselves

what tips do you have for blogland? I don't know--I just blog because I like it. I don't think I'm the right person to ask for tips!

when you visit a new-to-you blog, what is the first thing you notice? honestly, the layout. I like simple, and if a blog is really garish and has a really loud background, I get a little turned off. after that, it's the content (words, photos, etc.)

what do you look for in a first impression, blogwise? simple template, but nice & clean, good writing, interesting photos, good thoughts and positive thinking, usually.

RW said...

I read blogs by going to their actual site. I have my list that is every changing but I always "visit" the person. In my own mind that is how I envision things. I am visiting that person in their home.

I read every morning. And usually I post in the mornings too. sometimes late at night.

I might read 20-30 - sometimes on the weekends I will explore more and that is when I usually discover new blogs to add to my list.

There has to be some connection/ inspiration to be keep me coming back. Right now I am very attracted to blogs that show people daring to step out and create and share ideas.

I like photos and visuals. Not too much cramped text.

Tone of the blog is important. I am looking for positive influences in my life

Jen Holtkamp said...

I look at the rss feed every morning but then actually pull open individual blogs. I think the layout and design of one’s blog says a lot about them. There are a couple blogs that I check everyday because I know they are always updated. One of them, obviously, is yours marta.

I usually always leave a comment because I think writers are interested in their readers, which is one reason they continue to write.

When a blog is inspiring to me, in whatever way, that’s what brings me back. Often it’s the simplicity and beauty of life the writer finds that I enjoy. I also love seeing other people’s eye thru their camera lens. I enjoy bloggers who are honest with their readers, who are brave enough to let others into their lives-the good and the bad.

My first impression of any blog is the writing: Does the writer have a purpose of writing? Is the writer just ranting online? Is it easy to comprehend? Thanks for your blog marta!

Pixie said...

Ah, I have all my blogs book marked and every few nights I go through them and read the latest posts. I'm not an RSS reader person...for some reason, i want to GO to the site, see all the loveliness where it originates.

Besides, as a blogger myself, I love to see where all my readers come from when they visit my site. It's amazing how small the world can be when you see visits from around the world.

Lise said...

I read blogs in the most old school way ever - I just keep the links in my favourites list and head over to each page individually. Im sure google reader or bloglines could probably rock my world, but right now im pretty happy with the slapdash method I have! I like seeing each pretty page one by one.

Ooh and if I had my way I'd start each morning with my coffee and blogs - but in reality i get to work and share an office - so i generally just sneak peeks throughout the day, or as rewards for when i've made some good headway in work projects.

Very occasionally i will comment if a post moves me. But most of the time i feel odd commenting on a stranger's blog. Its a mindset im trying to change because i know i used to love getting comments on my blog

As for my own blog, until recently I didn't write much at all. I had a blog, about new things I was doing, but it slowly fell by the wayside - I realised it wasnt really reflecting my inner voice, or the things I wanted to post about, so I just the other day started up a new blog which is really just a repository of stuff im thinking about - I feel much more excited to post there, so I know it must be the right thing to do!

It's hard to say what keeps me coming back, its really about some kind of connection, or feeling that a post speaks to me. That yes, I know what that's like, or wow, thats something that inspires me. When visiting a new blog, layout, pictures and titles all play a role, but I think in the end its the voice behind the words, the sense of the person that I get that decides whether they will hit my favourites list.

Season said...

I found your blog through a friend of a friend a while ago and have been visiting ever since. This is my first time commenting. :)

I read blogs on their actual site, but just started using google reader a little bit.

I comment on friends' blogs, but I usually don't comment on other blogs unless I have something really exciting to add or share... which isn't often.

What will keep me visiting: good pictures, do it yourself projects, food/recipes, writing with personality and humor, and creativity.

First thing I notice on new blogs: pictures. A good picture will get me hooked.

Keep up the good work.

Sarah Shafer said...

I read blogs in a feedreader (google) and it's a love/hate relationship. Before I read in that, I would have to click through all the websites while I ate lunch to see if they had updated. Now it's a one stop shop and I can read so many more blogs becuase I have one place to keep track of them. The real dislike is partial feeds - I usually unsubscribe immediately - and missing out on websites that are really pretty. Google reader gives no pretty.
I am a commenter when I feel moved to. There are some blogs I comment on daily that I have been reading for a long time and feel like I'm part of the 'community' so need to comment daily. Others I comment when I feel like I connected with the writer's post and I want to give feedback.
I like pictures and good writing. That usually has me coming back for more.
I found your blog through the lovely list and so am a new reader. I'm liking what I've seen so far, though :)

Holly said...

Yours is one of the first blogs I stumbled upon when I discovered the fabulous world of blogging almost three years ago. I loved your space then and still do! You always have an interesting mix of creativity blended with real life stuff--love that.

I read most blogs through Google Reader, it makes it so easy to see what's new, but I think it also makes me lazy about commenting. I agree that clicking over and being in someone's space makes blogging much more fun & personal. Some blogs I comment regularly on, those are ones I regularly read and feel a sense of relationship. Others I comment occasionally to let them know I visited and liked what I read/saw. Some I just read and never comment.

This was an interesting topic--thanks!

made sweet said...

how do you read them (via rss feed; google reader, bloglines)?

google reader

do you open each blog up one by one and view it's actual pretty page?

no, unless i leave a comment—then i go to the actual blog page. after that i'll usually stick around on the blog for a while before going back to my reader.

which is your preferred method?

reader. it's a billion times faster.

what time of day do you read blogs?

evenings. or during the day when i'm not paying as much attention to a professor as i should be.

how many do you read each day?

i subscribe to about a hundred, i'll look at maybe 10 a day and play catch up for a bit.

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader?

relatively frequent. if i see something i love, i don't hesitate to comment.

what time of day do you write blogs?

usually late at night. procrastinating homework.

what tips do you have for blogland?

turn off your music players. if you absolutely insist on sharing your music, make it optional, not automatic on your page.

when you visit a new-to-you blog, what is the first thing you notice?


what do you look for in a first impression, blogwise?

i look for great images, and an easy to understand layout. I'm definitely your typical internet browser—when I pull up a website or blog, I need to get the general idea and be able to figure out what i'm going to find there within about 3 seconds or I'm gone.

made sweet said...

one more thing! i forgot to mention this:

I don't like when I can't see a bloggers' images in my reader, only the text. I'm not sure why bloggers do this, maybe to attract people to come to the actual website to see everything, but I find it does the opposite for me. I end up forgetting about their blog because I never see anything that pulls me into their site.

That Tall Girl said...

Check out where people come from who read your blog:


Very cool. :)

Misti said...

how do you read them (via rss feed; google reader, bloglines)?
-Google Reader, and sometimes just typing in the ones that I forget to subscribe to.

do you open each blog up one by one and view it's actual pretty page?
-Not usually, only when I see a post that I really want to comment on. Or the 10-15 blogs I adore (yours is one!)

which is your preferred method?
-Read through GR and then comment as necessary

what time of day do you read blogs?
-A few in the morning for breakfast, then work, and then during lunch I hit the rest.

how many do you read each day?
-I have no idea how many are on my reader, well over 100, but sometimes I hit "mark all read" even if I haven't read them all.

are you a frequent commenter or simply a fly-by-blog reader?
-Mostly fly-by, but there are 5-10 I comment regularly on.

what time of day do you write blogs?
-Night time since I work during the day.

what does a blog need to keep you coming back?
-Good writing, excellent photography if that is the type of blog, someone that I can relate to. I am not fond of blogs that just re-post from other blogs, ie: fashion photos or craft photos, I like original content with an occasional throw in of those others.

what tips do you have for blogland?
-Be yourself.

when you visit a new-to-you blog, what is the first thing you notice?
-The layout of the blog. I like 'em clean. (not that mine necessarily is.) I also prefer blogs that have actually modified from an original blogger template.

what do you look for in a first impression, blogwise?
-If the first three posts can grab my attention.

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