10 September 2009

the road warrior

here's what you can expect for the coming weeks.

• loads of pictures, prior to and post mammoth race.
• Q + A about my camera.
• my ten favorite luxuries under $10
• must-haves for fall.
• benji's state of the art new toy (the lid of a box).
• fun new downloads + such in the shop.
• what i'm currently reading (and no longer eating).
• makeup tutorial. i'm so kidding. but thanks for making a girl feel good.
• and the countdown to turning 28 officially begins.

happy weekend everyone.


ellen said...

lots of good stuff to look forward to!

Johanna said...

can hardly wait!!! am excited for the luxuries under 10!

Miranda said...

I'm starting my own countdown to turning 28! Glad to hear I'm in it with someone else. Though...I am still trying to remember where 26 went. I have no recollection of being 26.

talesofahummingbird said...

looking forward to each of these topics. enjoy your weekend and the view through your wind screen. :) (or should I say - your rear view mirror). after painting my bathroom and making a valance for my wee one's room last weekend, i'm hoping to get that celebrate banner finished this weekend - along with hosting a party for my lovely ladies. huzzah for long weekends that create short weeks that bring the next weekend much sooner than expected!

summer said...

i cannot wait! i'm especially psyched about the ten favorite luxuries under 10 bucks. oh yay. and the b-day countdown, hooray! and really? no makeup? what about just eyes? you must share your stunning secrets. wishing your crew the best of luck in the big race, marta! have a ball with benj in the car- can't wait to have you back.

joy said...

don't sweat 28! You have got such a great perspective on life--one that seems filled with tons of love, thoughtfulness, adventure and simplicity--it does just keep getting better!

-joy (28y5mo)

Travelin'Oma said...

The makeup tutorial:

I want you to do makeovers on Clinton, Stacy, Trinny and Susannah. We could all surprise them at the MAC counter! (I think Clinton needs a new color blush.)

Can't wait!

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