20 October 2009

cookie a day

not that i am short on internet-found-recipes.. but this real simple cookie-a-day newsletter looks completely tempting. i think i'll be dreaming of cookie concoctions for the rest of oh-nine.

p.s. i highly recommend their daily quote emails. always a fun way to start the day. they are my type of spam. unlike the random letters i get from investors in dubai who want my bank account information. duh.


Desiree Fawn said...

I am SO in love with real simple.. which you might know by now, haha.
I think I'll be signing up for their quotes email now ^_^

Rachel said...

I have never heard of real simple but everything you mentioned has made it sound like my kind of resource. Off to check it out now.

ashley maureen said...

real simple is my favorite. i always look forward to the day when the fresh issue appears in my mailbox. {have you seen november? beautiful + bountiful!} i just might have to subscribe to the daily cookie recipe, especially for the holiday season!

Jesska said...

oo love this! Thanks for posting! I love real simple....and your blog =)


Johanna said...

Ha! Investment bankers from Dubai! You are too funny. I love it!
But yes, Real Simple is such a fantastic magazine. I love it for the photos.

Tintel said...

Looks like a great tip. I'm on my way to discover. Thanks!

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