06 October 2009

it is decidedly so.

it's rainy and puddly here. typical october weather. benji and i ran a few errands together yesterday. i missed the sunshine as i huddled and hurried with him into the stores. we were on a mission mainly to pick up a warm hat (with ears) and long sleeves for this growing boy. i was happy to find plaid flannel shirts and small paul frank tees at target. thank goodness boy clothes are expanding in choices.

so we also headed to the post office and sent off many-a-mini-diary. thank you for ordering!

so i changed my blog. yes, really i did. it was time for a fresh makeover. and i stayed up really late into the night to find the html equivalent of an eyelash curler. i whipped it right into shape and hope this space still feels friendly to you. i'd love to hear your feedback (or your gnashing of teeth).

so i spotted a bin labeled baby bear pumpkins at the grocery store and found them impossible to resist. the name alone had me at hello. i picked out three that semi-resemble our little trio of a family and came home to set them on my windowsill. i love how families seem to personify their pumpkins.

so i can't wait to see a favorite blogger, nie nie featured on oprah on wednesday. hooray for a heroic family's tale of survival.

so i marvel at what this girl does with paper.

so i am really sad about cookie magazine folding. it was a new favorite of mine. i had planned to purchase subscriptions for my sistas this holiday. so sad when good things come to an end.

so in other magazine news, i recommend you signing up for free catalogues sooner than later (ie. pottery barn / williams sonoma / anthro). not for gift giving purposes necessarily, but for holiday inspirational ideas. my entire Christmas is Coming binder is full of catalogue decorations to dream about. even if i can't actually purchase the plush red sofa, i can borrow the idea of wreaths hanging on the wall in a vertical line or vintage photos looped on branches of the christmas tree. i probably won't be purchasing the festive sheets for my non-existent guest room, but i can decide to wrap all my gifts in kraft paper and tie them with green grosgrain and set them in a pile at the foot of the bed. believe me, inexpensive ideas are lurking among the expensive furniture in every magazine you see. i used to get depressed looking at fancy catalogues, but it is decided that i am so over pouting about what i want. am now happy to flip through the pages on my hunt for darling decor. look for inventive ways to give your holiday home a twist!

so i love that dan wrote a secret surprise post on my blog the other day.

so my mom sent me this book about clever diy handmade books. it's a fantastic read.

so truthfully i am pretty stunned whenever someone asks what the big deal is about letterpress. next time someone asks me what it looks like and if it really is as gush-worthy as i deem it to be, i will be sending them this link (one of many amazing letterpress calendars i'll be mooning over in the next few months). you can see the guts and the glory and the perfectly pressed characters into the page.

so there is a spooky fun giveaway coming up this week on thursday. tune in to win.

so i hope you have a terrific tuesday.


Eeny said...

I love the change, Marta.
Looks gorgious.

sonya said...

It looks beautiful! Great job Marta! :)

ashley maureen said...

i love that thought about the inexpensive ideas lingering throughout the pages of catalogues. how nice to decide to exchange the 'wanting' for creating the attainable.

love the new look!

katie clay said...

I love the new look!

Katie H said...

Love the new look - the header is great.

Mefi said...

lovely marta.
and i am glad you added your portfolio. lovely designs.

Anonymous said...

looks great! :) i love the new topics section... and i'm sorry, the big deal about letterpress??? who would dare say something like that? seriously?

Anneliese said...

i'll be honest. i loved the old pink. BUT, i just recently fell in love w/ color/highlight tape. so i know that i'll enjoy seeing it everyday :) and i enjoy the new fonts...i'm always a fan of those.

ps. those notecards are to die for. seriously. i love them.

Hil said...

Little guy and I were at Target yesterday too. I can't believe I actually got brave enough to venture out into the frigid coldness of Idaho in October.

I am also so excited for Nie Nie to be on Oprah! Saw that on previews yesterday and have been counting down since.

Can't wait for the giveaway!

ALFIE said...

SO love the new layout! it's just as delightful a space as before!

love the idea of anthro mags as holiday inspiration. can't wait to get the newest catalog!

erica said...

just wanted to say i really enjoy your blog. it's really refreshing for me to read. it's like catching up with a girlfriend and gushing over the small and wonderful parts of being alive! :)

so thanks!

Miranda said...

love the new layout! i have been working on a new layout for my blog but it is taking me weeks....

also love the idea of using catalogues for holiday decorating! am still in the 'poor me' phase while flipping through pottery barn but it sounds like it's time to move on.

Sarah N said...

lovely as usual, well done! also am enjoying the season's change...and went searching for longsleeves yesterday for my boy. :)

mary elizabeth said...

love the new look, marta!

Amy said...

Hey Marta!
It's Amy (Gunnerson)from the wasatch ward. Just wanted to let you know that I've been following your blog for awhile now and I love it! I love your writing style, your graphic designs, your photos, everything! And Benji sure is cute! Love the new look! Hope your family is doing well!

summer said...

your makeover is a total hit, marta! i am liking the 'so' format of this post, you are too clever. i like what erica said in her comment up there.. i am so with her. mr. b is darling in that hood of his. he just makes me want to cuddle up.

ps. i jammed to 'forevermore,' 'fireflies', and 'say hey' today on the tread. woohoo.

melissa said...

oh, my little boy had that exact outfit when he was teeny-tiny! sob!!!

{lauryl} said...

the new header is nice and crisp. i like your housekeeping. ;-) oh, and letterpress? i don't think anyone could ask what the big deal is if they were actually holding some amazing letterpress in their own two hands. i seriously geek out over it.

melissa deakin said...

hi miss m.
i've missed you.
i have definitely been visiting, but often on the fly, so not leaving a comment. my bad. sorry.
i LOVE the new look of the blog.
and i am in mourning right now...i didn't know that cookie is folding. that breaks my heart. i have subscribed since the beginning and i LOVE it!
anothe one that I love that you might enjoy too is called Baby Couture.
i have been thinking of getting Rebound for a while now...it's good??
hope you are well!

Mikaela said...

great post.
I love your little man's outfit, he is so cute!
& I like the new header too!

k said...

Again you inspire! You make me want to run to my stash of old PB catalogues and find the hidden treasures. I love your idea of a Christmas is coming idea notebook. That is just what the doctor ordered. Merci. ;) (That was for you.)

Rachel said...

Everything looks lovely, dear!

Ann Marie said...

love what you had to say about "free" magazines and getting inspiration rather than getting depressed. that's what i've been doing too!

AND i love letterpress and its beauties...hope to one day learn how to do it myself!

amanda said...

your little noodle is so adorable.

Petit Elefant said...

love the new layout, eyelash curler indeed!

fancy shmancy magazines are the best way to get

a} ideas for decorating
b} ideas for renovating thrift store finds and furniture

the mama monster said...

i love mini boden for boy clothes. i love free inspiration. and i loved cookie magazine RIP.

hannah :: sherbet blossom said...

great advice on the catalogs! I also like to order catalogs from: chiasso, west elm, restoration hardware, crate & barrel, & nordstrom.

Travelin'Oma said...

I love the new interior design!

gab said...

You rock, Sis!

Anna Kristina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna Kristina said...

I've been gone lately and was catching up on blog reading today. I love the new look and I have a question - I use blogger as well and I love your wider column format. How do you do that?

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