27 October 2009

story-of postcards

i've had postcards and postage on my mind a lot lately. my dad sent me a boatload of pretty stamps that i wonder what i should do with and i am toying with the idea of creating postcards for christmas. anyhow, i was thrilled when wakako emailed me with a link to her website, story-of. her shop and blog are not to be missed. neither is this fantastic life timeline done with story polka dots. bravo.

her postcards are simple and sweet, each with their own story.
art, photography, the written word and postal service.
four of my favorite things.

if you have an online site you think i might like, shoot me an email.
i'd love to see your artwork.

p.s. for those of you who inquired.. we are feeling much better. hallelujah. just about ready to head out for halloween with our tiny tot. thank you for all of your well wishing.


No Big Dill said...

Oh! That top photo is of this VERY starched linen they sell over in Japan/Korea that I fell in love with while I was over there. Wakako captured it perfectly. The colors are so organic, I wanted a bolt of each.

Melissa A said...

These are great postcards. Thanks for the link. I joined the Benevolent Postcard Society (http://benevolentpostcardsociety.blogspot.com/)and have been looking for unique postcards. I ordered a few on etsy. But these are great ones too.

KJ said...

bring benji to our house for a treat!

and those shots are lovely. I love her for ironing her linens. which I think about, but I always end up abandoning the thought.

wakako said...

Marta, thank you so much for introducing STORY-OF! It's so very sweet of you. I am so glad you like the idea of the postcard.

Katy, Melissa & KJ, thank you so much for your kind comments about the photos and the postcards. Hope to see you at STORY-OF and at my blog, glass half full.


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