03 October 2009

mr. benjamin

oh how i love this little one year old. i love his happy hiccuping laugh when his papa tosses him in the air. i love the little games we make up together during the day (especially his thrill in wildly shutting the bedroom door and waiting for me to open it; peek a boo). i love his sleepy self in the backseat of our car. i love his tiny teeth and his ever generous grin. i love his small fingers and all the mischief they seem to get into. i love his charming self as he bats his bushel of lashes at me and continues to wipe yogurt all over himself and highchair and me. i love his sheer delight in the laundry, the toilet paper, the open dishwasher, the open refrigerator, the printer, the blender and the vacuum. i love how he scoots chairs across the floor. i love his hair all tousled and matted after a long nap or when it's combed, slick and shiny after splashing in the tub. i love the way he dances bopping up and down. i love his wobbly gallop with his arms stretched out toward me. i love our last jam session together, before he goes nigh night. i love his head resting on my shoulder and his legs dangling, exhausted from his busy day.


Krista said...

i wish i found the cuteness and love in sid throwing his food everywhere.

Desiree Fawn said...

How has a YEAR gone by??
My word!

crissy said...

My little lady is starting to walk as well, and she does the same thing. Wobbly legs and outstretched arms. I love it. Congrats to Mr. Benji on his new skill. :)

brooke said...

I wish I could be as poetic as you. All of this reminds me of my Ryan. Aren't little boys the best? The dancing and his head on my shoulder is my very favorite.

summer said...

i can completely picture it. your words are awesome, marta. you know how to capture everything small and everything important all at once. love this photo too! could his nose be any cuter?

ps. we used to go 'nigh night' all the time. oh how i loved that.

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