16 November 2009

guests leave. monday leaves.

today i was doing my usual monday morning bustling around, tidying up and discovered my leaves. which left a big smile on my face. as did our cheery faced giggling weekend visitors. together we ate pizza and pasta, devoured the movie up (loved it), splashed in the pool and went on a tour of our town, which included the antique shop with vintage pez machines. we also went on an Eye-Spy a Tractor hunt (which i made up on the fly).

thank you for all the game ideas. am getting apples to apples to set beneath the christmas tree. and kj, mexican train dominoes is definitely worth googling. my aunt marie would teach you how to play if she could.


BeccaGroves said...

Marta, I love your peaceful, intentional, inspired life. Thanks for sharing with us through your blog!

southern daze said...

I love Apples to Apples and Mexican Train - so much fun to play with family & friends! So happy to hear you had a great visit :-)

Mikaela said...

pretty pic!
& bananagrams is such a fun game!
It's kind of like scrabble but much more fun.

summer said...

we watched up this weekend too! isn't it great? i loved it just as much outside the big theatre.

oh marta your family-filled weekend sounded so fun. hope it was a true blast for all.

ps. hope it's not too late to submit it a little game idea.. my fam loves to play 'take four' using the scrabble tiles. have you ever played? i think you'd be super good at it. you're always full of grand words.

pps. those runts in a polka dot bowl.. oh mmm. they bring back sweet memories. how cute you are!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

mexican train dominoes is way fun!

Jillian Frances said...

Apples to Apples is so much fun. Definitely a good buy!

the whytes said...

hooray for UP coming out on dvd!! we took our kids to it in the theaters(free movie day for law enforcement)and thought it was spectacular!!

KJ said...

well, thank you for the tip! I see a thanksgiving game in my future.

Heather @ Alis Grave Nil said...

I love Mexican train!

I posted this on your mom's blog today too, but the two of you inspired a gift I made for my daughter today--she loves travel and writing and I combined inspiration from your mom's travel musings and your BEAUTIFUL journals to make a journal for her (my 7 year old) for an upcoming trip to San Francisco. She couldn't be more delighted. I used the idea from your journals of writing/ thought prompts. Thanks so much for the idea!

Love your blog!

Link to the post HERE

Collette said...

also a huge fan of apples to apples and mexican train dominoes - oh so many good memories associated with those two.

what a brilliant weekend you had with family.


hannah :: sherbet blossom said...

oh goodness! that boy of yours is completely cute.

summer said...

hey marta. i'm hanging out while grant is cutting his hair (he cuts his own!). so, naturally, i'm moseying around m.writes for some sweetness while i wait. wanted to come back and tell you that this photo is awesome. the coloring is oh so pretty!

also, those 'type toasty' gloves = brilliant. must find some for my ever-numb hands.

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