11 December 2009

just a few more things...

• seize your opportunity to win a mini diary of your very own. visit the giveaway over on SHOPtalk, wherein i'm offering up one of my new beauties. thank you, suzanne! hers is an ever-inspiring blog, always full of fabulous finds.

• if you've already pre-ordered your mini diaries, they will be shipping out on monday. i very much appreciate your holiday purchases. i cannot tell you enough how awesome it is to come up with an idea, create it from scratch, market it and send it abroad. a complete dream come true for me. i am thrilled to have sold 700+ mini diaries since their first debut in 2008. thank you, thank you.

• tomorrow we have big plans for whipping up holiday goodies, which means various vats of melted chocolate surrounding me. yesss. will also be attempting to rent j&j and wrapping up your orders along with other christmasy odds and ends. i painted my nails a holly red and am admiring them while i wrap, every day they are not chipped is a christmas miracle.

• for those of you celebrating Hanukkah, am hoping tonight's first candle is a special one.

• i'll be taking holiday orders up until tuesday the 15th. of course you can always purchase items from the mini mart, but after tuesday, i cannot guarantee christmas timing. thank you for understanding (and for helping me save my sanity). i appreciate your business.

• wishing you a happy weekend. for those of you counting down the hours 'til the princess and the frog opens in theaters, enjoy. i remember seeing disney's beauty & the beast around this time of year, when it first opened, in the theater with my family. what happy memories.


summer said...

ooh, love your soft and pale picture, marta. have a ball making christmasy sweets on saturday! i can just picture the goodie trays filling up.

ps. i must join ranks on the rich red nails asap. thanks for the reminder.

Melissa A said...

Thank you for the Hanukkah wished Marta. We will be lighting our first candle tonight. It is a season for miracles.

Cassie said...

Thanks for the nail painting reminder! I swear 'Read Marta' should be added to my lifes to-do list forever!
Have a fab weekend.

Tati said...

you have a beautiful writing : )

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