23 December 2009

let it snow. let it snow. let it snow.

indeed it is snowing outside. snowing sideways in fact. slick sidewalks and icy windshields. a big thank you to dan. he gave me the best gift of all for idaho living. snowtires. still, am happy i have absolutely nowhere to go.

we're bundled up inside. am wrapping the last of my gifts. i admit, it's hard to stop shopping when the local mall has bargains falling from the sky. just another reason not to finish with christmas by halloween. you see how good i am at justifying procrastination!? everything is pretty much done and done for the big plans on christmas day. dan says he's waiting for christmas eve to finish up. as per usual. i love how he plans for wild franticness. yesterday we let benj pick out a dump truck in the toy aisle. he was in heaven, roaming the section of the store where all round plastic wheels reside. i even let him play with it for the afternoon, before wrapping it. you can do that kind of christmas-ing with a one year old in the house.

on another note, i got an awesome comment the other day from a woman who had just read my entire blog. wow. could this feat possibly be true?! talk about perseverance. and a new bff to boot. thank you for indulging me in my wealth of wordy posts. she inspired me to take a look back. i encourage you to do the same with your blog. it's good to see where we've been and what we've been through. i was happy to happen upon my tribute to george bailey. will be snuggling up to that perfect christmas movie this weekend.

happy christmas-ing today. i think this sweet christmas clip will make you smile. am off to curl up with some cocoa. this website is packed with perfect ideas, links and songs to spread cheer.

the photo of me is from christmases long ago,
in the
countdown of december of 2007


Anonymous said...

Wow! I've read much of your blog, but not all of it. That woman deserves an award!

So do you. Your blog has been one of my favorite discoveries this year. I wish you, Dan and Benji a happy Christmas and a wonderful 2010.

robyn said...

so fun, both the snow and the newfound friend! i actually just wrote a blog post today about "blog-stalking" as i like to call it - this is a woman after my own heart, for sure!

The Schoonmakers said...

Merry Christmas Marta!

Johanna said...

Wow- I've done probably MOST if not all of your blog. In fact I enjoy going through your old posts for great ideas.
Look at all that beautiful snow, how perfect for Christmas.

[eeny] said...

I guess that's what I did, when I first discoverd your blog, too I just couldn't stop reading. So I guess I ended up reading everything.
It is always a delight to read your words. Thanks for sharing your life in blogworld.

Rosa Rivero said...

I also just discovered your blog a few days ago! and just fell in love with it :) I try now to squeeze more than a couple of entries everyday to see if I catch up! Thanks for all the inspiration from your ideas and your words. Have a wonderful Christmas!

shirley elizabeth said...

Awww, Christmas spirit clips make me cry. Even at work without any sound.

::Sylvia:: said...

Merry Christmas Marta! After reading your posts about St. Nicholas Day and St. Lucia Day traditions, I thought you might be interested in learning about St. Basil's Day on Jan. 1. :)

I *love* your Christmas cards too btw! Absolutely beautiful!

::Sylvia:: said...

Oops, forgot the link :)


Unknown said...

I love your Christmas Card! Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2010 to you and your family :)

Turn Dreams Into Plans said...

Dear Marta,
I've been following your blog for quite a while now and I think Christmas is the perfect time to say thank you for for these wonderful and inspiring posts!
Have a wonderful Christmas time!
Best wishes from Daniela in Germany

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