12 January 2010

blah. blah. blog.

am bustling around the house today.

for once, i don't feel like blogging. understandably, this worries me. am needing a burst of inspiration. will be back when i have something to say. maybe joy behar will stir up some emotion.

*my quilting cousin abby made this adorable table topper for me. besides my boys, it's the cutest thing residing in my house right now. am hoping its bright colors pull me out of my slump.

*the beautiful LDS Temple Print is letterpressed by the incredible cameron moll.


LMT said...

haha. You deserve a break. You are such a good blogger. Don't worry, you would never loose your readers.

A good walk always gets my inspiration balls rolling. They feel great even if they don't inspire blog posts.

I miss your write club posts...
I would love to hear some of your advice/ideas on getting ready for a baby boy in May. I know you could do some good blogs on that stuff.

k. hansen said...

You do deserve a break!

But I know you (or I think I do) you will find some magical peice of goodness hiding in one of those cute boxes of yours and POOF you will be back. With a vengence.

Love your home. So cute and so comfortable. Love the temple pic too!

the Eggett's said...

I love your blog. I have been reading for the past little while and this is the first time I have ever commented. Your blog is contagiously uplifting. You are a talented artist. You and Dan probably don't remember me, but I grew up down the street from Dan. I mean, Dan, you gotta remember your favorite pioneer trek daughter!?! right? I am Amber (Ballstaedt) Eggett. I was good friends with Sara and Ben Bagley, and I remember you were cousins with them. I remember many of my high school nights were spent working out at the Cottonwood Spa where I remember you and Dan working out together. My mom and I used to speculate about weather or not you two were dating at the time, and feeling so proud of Dan for getting such a cool girlfriend. Well, I have since moved to Denver with my husband and two daughters, and what do you know, I am in the same ward as another cousin, Willy Mullin. What a quality family! Your little Benji is a cute little man. Keep the posts a'comin.

jessica said...

Love that table topper! I could use something bright and beautiful to help with with the winter blues.

Sarah N said...

quilts make me so happy. i would like to make another one someday, this time without help of my expert-at-everything-domestic grandma.

as for inspiration - nothing a little out of the house adventure can't cure. take a break - it just leaves us wanting more. excited to receive the invites soon, thanks again for your great work on those!

Mama Bird said...

Miss Marta - I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time now but I'm not sure I've ever commented. Just wanted you to know how much you inspire me, not only in your writing, but also in your mothering. Your views on motherhood and your adorable son are beautiful and often remind me to see my own 3 little ones with fresh eyes - which sometimes a tired mama needs. Thank you for all you've shared...and I look forward to more of your inspiring words when you've had a chance to feel refreshed!

ellen said...

that table topper caught my eye -- it's beautiful!

The Mighty RandR said...

I totally understand & sympathize! Though you should know, your post still manages to inspire. I love the quilted centerpiece and the idea of keeping several bowlfuls of healthy & tasty treats on the table!

Rosa said...

I want to say that since I discovered your blog (only recently) I always come here for inspiration, not only for crafts but inspiration for life! I enjoy so much reading about your views on love and motherhood, and food or random stuff and if I could describe your blog in two words I would steal Amber's to say: your blog is "contagiously uplifting"

As for to get out of the winter blues, a walk or some exercise usually helps me shake it out!

Kirsten W. said...

Take a break from blogging, it's fine! I think we all have a case of the January blues. I think a table topper like that is just what my little round table needs. Thanks for sharing!

summer said...

man! i miss one day around here and i miss all the news. i had to scroll way down to find where to start. first of all, marta, this photo of your house is gorgeous! i love all the colors. and the table top angle.

secondly, peaks and slumps, my dear. isn't that the truth? (i feel like my slumps show through even when i'm not honest about them like you. way to be admirable.) you'll be back on top (as you always are) before you know it! i'm so glad you made cookies and kept 'doing the next thing', as my mom would say. i'm cheering you on.

ps. just wanted you to know that even in your slumpage, you're still charming us with your every move.

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