19 January 2010

clever clipboards in the kitchen

was delighted to discover this post over on the creative mama by jessica (who has a gorgeous blog herself). she created a neat + tidy, deliciously darling, list happy space in her kitchen (with the pretty painted walls), inspired by mini modge podge clipboards!! double awesome.

my organizing expert did advise me–one who loses sight of anything out of sight–to take important papers vertical. therefore this hanging clipboard idea is completely inspiring. jessica, thank you for the shout out. right back at ya. so nice to meet you.

image by photographer jessica.


Francine said...

Knowing me I'd probably accidentally knock all of them off the wall every day, but I still like the look, haha.

Sarah N said...

this is darling - and well, its a step up in classy from my 3 magnetic long post-its hanging from the side of the fridge, even if the are pretty.....this one wins. may have to redesign the list area of the house!

summer said...

list happy. definitely. i can dig.

Jessica said...

Yay! :)

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love this. I am such a list person!

swell.life said...

This has seriously just changed my life. I am a huge believer in the kitchen clipboard. Thanks for your infectious organization skills!

Here's my rendition with a little shout out to you mi amiga:


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