15 January 2010

if i twittered

i would be tweeting...

• long live team conan.
• happy heart tights found here.
• just designed up a restaurant menu. am craving curry. or mango rice. or tandoori naan.
• benji handed me a pair of scissors today. yikes. no surface is secure anymore.
• dan is training for a half marathon and the playlist is of utmost importance. favorites? pump up tunes only, no feist or ingrid allowed.
• am über excited about the new season of project runway. best show ever.
• where did rachel zoe go? am not sure if i need her and her assistants back in my life however.
• hot pink valentine marshmallow peeps seem strange to me.
• chocolate covered cinnamon bears do not.
• do you have a fabulous vocab word for me?
• do you count talking on the phone with your sister productive or un-productive?
• when out in the jungles of china, does bear grylls' camera guy eat frogs and bats too? or does he have a stove and cup o' noodles?
• how could you not just adore this li'l dollface?!
• goodnight, sleep tight.


J, K, L, and D said...

love project runway. super excited.

also love conan. will follow his crazy red mane anywhere (i secretely envy it because, being this pale, i should be a redhead).

have a good day, marta!

Dawn said...

All the funny kinds of thoughts I have too.
I have a vocab word for ya: VORACIOUS.
I started a 'tiny nature table' initiative over at my place, would LOVE if you joined me.
Seeing how many people from around the world will collect little natural treasures they find on a walk and share them with their readers.
Enjoy your Friday!
xo country girl
(Oh, and here's what I'm thinking now: am i the only one who deletes their comment because there was a spelling error? i hope blogger allows comment editing soon so you can edit instead of deleting your comment!)

Emily said...

I love this entry :) I don't blog but walk around thinking "Oh I could blog about this and this and this...".

And I think talking with my sister is productive :) (good thing!)

Jake said...

Talking with sister=productive. Let's do it way more often!!

kh said...

tick tock, kesha
crazy in love, beyonce
-single lady too, but i am not so sure for a man's playlist. ;)
down, jay sean
party in the usa, miley cyrus (again, about the man's playlist)
so what, pink
cobra starship
daddy yankee

i just added these to my playlist (for groovin' when i do chores) and they seem to have a great beat. try them.

good luck!

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Sister, best idea ever, if I had one!
Witty...I always get confused, does it mean funny, original...I need to reacquaint myself with the definition.

On another note, when I visited your martacards.com site, I noticed a sign on your bulletin board (everything happens for a reason). Can't tell you how much I believe in that or how many people I've told that to. So I made one for myself in PSE8 and love it. Pretty cardstock, mounted on a 12x12 canvas, wrapped with a ribbon (may need to open an ETSY storre, ha). So, thanks for prompting me to create something I love.

Betsy said...

you should at least try tweeting, if you end up not liking it, no biggie, just de-activate your account! :)
Agreed on Rachel Zoe & Team Conan--
love your blog!

RW said...

definitely talking to my sister is productive.

summer said...

this is so clever, marta!
as for dan's playlist, my suggestion would be 'lovers in japan' by coldplay. surprisingly 'pump up' for them. it is still my no. 1 song to run to.

as for a vocab word, i rediscovered a good one from Julia Child the other night: flummoxed. i almost never to use it, but how great does it sound?

jo said...

i'm totally on team conan, too.
pump up songs:
wavin' flag by k'naan (seriously will make you run faster. great song.)
harder, better, faster, stronger by daft punk. it rocks.
great dj by the ting tings
heads will roll by the yeah yeah yeahs.
i think i'm over rachel zoe. i used to watch her all the time, and at the end of every episode, i'd think, "why did i just watch that?"
talking to sister is always productive.
word of the day: panacea. it means a remedy for all disease and problems, or a universal medicine. a cure-all.
i think bear's cameraman has cup o' noodles, or some such thing.
here's the end of the longest comment ever. :) good day to you!

Hil said...

i'm making curry this weekend! come get some. also, you really can't ever go wrong with jock jams. :) okay, so i'm kidding. LOVING the heart tights.

one more thing.. maybe you should twitter? i think you would have a lot to contribute to the tweeting world.

Diane said...

Playlist: Billy Joel's greatest hits

Anytime spent fostering relationships is valuable time. Sisters especially.

talesofahummingbird said...

peeps for all occasions scare me. talking to my little sister is super productive but i do it while i'm walking my dog and pushing my stroller so i can invest my brain power in what we're talking about instead of keeping my baby from climbing the entertainment center.

KJ said...

If I tweeted...a lot of them would be the same as yours. I ate my last chocolate covered cinnamon bear last night. for the playlist: I like "I want to break free" by Queen for running. don't know why, exactly. and to me, all peeps are strange. happy day to you!

Miranda said...

chocolate covered cinnamon bears are one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world.

the whyte house said...

love this! the 'team conan' cracked me up. love him.

amber, theAmberShow said...

Just give in and twitter already! We'd love to have you :) you can delete your account if it's REALLY not for you.

Trude said...

I couldn't agree more about everything!! I think Rachel Zoe has collapsed due to lack of food. ;) And now I'm dying for those tights!

Christine said...

1. team conan all the way!
2. ah for a half marathon, the playlist IS important although for mine, once the runs got long enough i ran sans music to get into race-mode.
3. love project runway
4. talking on the phone to sister= productive.

Pixie said...

Long live Conan! I can't be too vocal as I work at a large media outlet that may or may not be at the center of this entire fiasco...but Long Live Conan!

Mel said...

I LOVE cinnamon bears but have not had a chocolate-covered one. I need to add that to my "to do" list. :)

Talking to my sister does equal productive time...I always feel rejuvenated after our talks. (sometimes I try to fold laundry while chatting)

oneordinaryday said...

Talking on the phone to your sister... totally productive in a million ways. Talking to my sisters keeps my grounded and rejuvenates me. : )

Kari said...

Oh, I was with you right up to Bear . . . I loved Bear with a deep and true love, even when he did the totally unnecessary just to show us that he could. But on the raft . . . did he really need to . . . did he really? He lost me there. (And, strangely, I immediately thought of you and wondered if you were somewhere in Idaho cringing, too.)
However, I should say that talking with your sister on the phone is the best kind of un-productive there is. If you measure productivity on a sliding scale, it's right in the middle--as un-productively productive as you can get. Always good.

michelle said...

I have totally wondered that about Bear Grylls' camera guy!!

maryboys said...

my vocabulary offering is: capricious. just because it's the first one that popped into my mind:)


Christy Polek said...

I love Project Runway! And your blog!
And my vocabulary word for you is pulchritudinous.
The most ugly word I have ever seen for beauty. =)

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