20 January 2010

lunch bunch in salt lake city

for you fortunates who are headed to salt lake city for the altitude design summit– sure to be the best design blog conference of the year–i wish you a safe trip! nole from oh so beautiful paper is headed there too and emailed with my favorite type of inquiry; good spots to meet friends for lunch. (what i might lovingly refer to as lunch bunch.) a most important detail when vacationing. since i spent a few years working in the heart of downtown, i have definite favorites and was delighted to divulge. here's my list, narrowed down to favorite favorites and nearness to the conference's venue, the grand america hotel.

Salt Lake City Eateries : best of the best

The Boston Deli : Located in the basement of the Boston Building at 9 Exchange Place, downtown Salt Lake City | this place has seriously good food. they serve the best and biggest cobb salad you've ever had. such a fun place to go; my co-workers ate here every afternoon one summer (before brownbagging it got the better of 'em). don't forget a giant rice krispie treat to share. many-a hot topics were discussed in this basement lunch hot spot.

The Judge Cafe & Grill : 8 East Broadway (300 South) | an amazing restaurant filled with charm and friendly service. delicious soups, salads and sandwiches; breakfast too. you very well might bump into my dad, he works in this beautifully restored building and eats there almost everyday. do not forget their huge triple chocolate brownies. to die for.

Barbacoa : 280 South Main Street | delicious Mexican meals made to order. fresh and delicious.

The Robin's Nest : 311 S. Main St. | a crowded tiny shop for sandwiches. their lemony orzo pasta side and the gobbler sandwich is my favorite. you can't go wrong with this cute place.

Royal Eatery : 379 S Main St. | completely low-key, laid back and fun. perfect for fries and a shake. i've been known to leave that place toting grilled cheese samiches and a boxfull of creamy shakes. in the busy working world, shake bunch is a necessity.

Toasters : 30 E. 300 South and 151 W. 200 South| love this sandwich shop with its hip vibe and cute booths and delicious lunchy food. seriously a fun, busy atmosphere.

Cucina Deli : 1026 2nd Ave, between Q and R streets, just north of South Temple | off the beaten path; but a true favorite of mine. i always make a stop at this charming deli. i completely adore their striped ravioli. a perfect place for a chatty group.

for a fancy dinner..
Takashi : 18 W Market St. | best sushi in town
Cucina Toscana : 307 West Pierpont Avenue | incredible Italian food to dream about
Bambara : 202 South Main St. | fancy schmancy, moody and romantic
Market Street Grill : 48 West Market Street | out of this world clam chowder
Cafe Terigo : 424 Main Street, Park City | another favorite for Italian; the pear salad is perfect

for root beer and pizza...
Davanza's : 690 Park Ave, Park City, Utah | the perfect pizza joint. a welcome relaxed atmosphere. while working as a concierge at a deer valley hotel, dan let all of his guests in on this little secret; a locals (and family) favorite.
The Pie : 1320 E. 200 South | hands-down the best college hang out, graffiti walls and all. dan loves their famed mountain of meat pizza and on tap root beer.

bon appétit

vintage image from my dad–the historian's achives.


Krista said...

LOVE Judge. LOVE Cucina. Great list! :)

Haagarman's (corner of S. Temple & Main) is also a fave of mine. They have the best tomato bisque in the world. I ain't lyin. And the sauce on the Hawaiian Hula Ham is tasty enough to drink. I mean, if you were into that sort of thing.

kh said...

SLC is my birthplace. The place I run to when I need to feel at 'home.' My hubs does a lot of work there and someday when my kids are grown I too will make it there with him. I have some very talented friends who opened a fun pastry shop in Orem called The Chocolate. Their baby cakes are divine.

kate reymann said...

I would add Em's on Capital Hill (gnocchi to die for) and Forage a new place on 900 S and 400 (might be 300) East. Amazing and hands down the best new restaurant in Salt Lake.

Tiffany said...

I'm salivating. Some of those are my favorites and some I'm kicking myself for never having heard of them!

Katie Mitchell said...

Mmmmm Boston Deli. Love it.

Jen Holtkamp said...

thanks for this marta! i've been living in slc for about a year now but still never know where is good.

Abby said...

I live here and haven't been to many of these places. Can't wait to give them a try. Thanks!

Alisha Stamper said...

oh man. i live in SLC, the aves, and i gotta say, i love eva, its fabulous! and so is bombay house (obviously). our new favorite is RICE on state and 12th south. Deplorable font for their signage, but the food is out of this world!

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