18 January 2010

weekend bliss

this is me on saturday. you can see how happy i am. dan let me sleep in for no good reason. a rare treat! i got up, exercised, and puttered around. we played, tidied up, had a read-a-thon and went on our classic costco date. snack bar dinner with their hand dipped ice cream included. i am beginning to see the romance of stocking up on toilet paper, detergent and meatballs in bulk. benji bops along and we stroll the aisles. i love that i love going anywhere with these two.

benji climbs up and down on this table all day long. a part of me is proud of him for all that he's learning, another part of me is saying that discipline will have to begin sooner than later. but i just love how he peeks through the blinds, watching cars go by. saturday, dan went on a run and benj and i made movies. am trying to document him every now and then to keep track of his budding brilliance. saturday he unloaded the dryer all by himself, so happy i caught it on film. my tiny favorite friend.

on another note. the heartstrings kit orders will ship out today. thank you for visiting my shop. there are only three kits left, if any of you would still like one. the kits are now sold out. if you're desperate, please email me and i'll try to scramble one together. i'd hate for anyone to be left without some hanging hearts.

in a complete blissful state. i like when i get to curl up and think about nothing. dan said i looked cute after yoga and took my picture. which made me really happy to have a guy like him. i felt completely and utterly inspired with an article i read (more to come) and enjoyed drinking orange juice and feeling like a leaf. (dan's sister, mary says if you drink orange juice first thing in the morning, you get to feel like a leaf. as if it were going into every vein or something like that. anyway, it's just a cute thing we say now.)

i love loafing around in a clean house and forcing myself to stay away from multi-tasking at my desk. there is a time and a place. am really trying to make the most of my downtime and think about the thing in front of me. i am not saying wandering into daydreams is out of the question; but wandering into worry is. just because i work from home should not mean i need to think about work twenty-four/seven. am attempting to find balance. to be fully present while at work, and fully present when i'm just kickin' it. however my best best best ideas come to me while i'm either a.) showering or b.) driving. i'm still okay with that. i'll take good ideas whenever/wherever they come. for the record, there is always an open door policy to good ideas.

and saturday night, i cleaned my studio. having your home office right smack in your home (ie. living room) has its ups and downs. since i cannot close the door to my office / art studio, it ought to remain in a tidy state. because everyone sees it. and if it's messy, i'm a mess. and piles start to reproduce. and, as an added bonus, if anything is hanging off the edge just a tad, my little boy finds it and thinks it's his. the calculator is his favorite wannabe cell phone. and his face–when it began raining punch hole confetti the other day–was priceless.

this library book was my inspiration: Organizing For Your Brain Type. (could've easily been titled Five Love Languages for the Organizer's Soul.) am so glad i actually flipped it open for a look see (yet another reason to make time to loaf around–library books actually get opened!). since it's all about your own brain type, it feels like you have a personal expert right there with you. and you don't even have to read the whole book, just skim to the right chapter after assessing your brain. it's a friendly book that completely bends the rules to who you are. like an organizing expert who totally gets you. it was so spot-on, i had to call my mom and read it to her over the phone.

with the help of my organizing expert, i streamlined completely. leaving on hand only the essentials i use everyday. it was helpful that i started this project at eleven pm. meaning i had to become resourceful without spending money on any wham bam fancy organizing organizers. my expert talked me through it. she read my mind. she gave me a personality quiz (she had me pegged!) and then cajoled me into this project; all the while rewarding and validating my efforts. she understood my problematic thinking–out of sight, out of mind–and offered new ways to sort files. i fastened two manila envelopes to the wall (first slicing off the tops) for easy access to my mailing labels and daily orders. genius. she also recommended that i have an aesthetic space which has everything i need right at my fingertips. next step, a giant bulletin board overhaul.

more to come, as per usual.
happy martin luther king, jr. day.


Cassie said...

First off can I just say thank you for replying to my question. I am now in awe of your handwriting - it is truly beautiful.

Your weekend sounds like mine, maybe it was that time of year for a 'perfect little weekend'? I had cleaned my house Friday and caught up with various chores so I could enjoy a weekend of lovely things. So like you I pottered around the house. I read magazines and books, caught up with blogs, perused Etsy and had a wonderful movie night with hubbie on Saturday - complete with popcorn!
I hope you now feel as set up for the week ahead as I do!

Bexy said...

i am currently enjoying the sofa, with a blanket, tea, laptop, newspapers and a really big smile - i love not working on a monday :)

Travelin'Oma said...

I got the organizing book. I can't wait to be analyzed.

Dawn said...

Oh Marta, we are so alike!!! I just finished cleaning the place (Mondays after lazing around with hubby the place always looks like a bomb hit it), and my next step is always to buy fresh flowers...and then 'loafer around the clean home' like you do!
Benji is getting CUTER, how can that be?!!
And your husband...well, we are lucky girls, aren't we.
country girl

Eileen said...

This post is such a nice way to start Monday morning. First, reminded me to get in an order for the heartstrings, just in time! Will be nice to have a crafty project in a week or two. Second, beautiful pictures ~ especially the one with Ben on the table under the hearts. So cute. I've studied your photography tips for a regular point-and-shoot and I've been experimenting with natural light, with nice results. Was wondering if you do post-processing with any actions, etc? Your pics always have that "in-the-moment" vibe.

Third, that book looks so interesting. The science nerd in me is excited about being categorized according to brain type. And I can always use help with organization. Looks like another one to add to the library request list. Thanks for sharing :)

J, K, L, and D said...

Love this. I love weekends where you get to relax. And snuggle up with a good book. I'm excited to try your recommendation! And Benji looks adorable as usual - just delighted with himself for climbing. Awesome.

Hope you have a good day, Marta.

ashley maureen said...

oh marta, i just love this. you do looks so peaceful and happy. i struggled last night with this very topic. i felt so un-productive this weekend. so much to be done, and we lazed around watching football and puttering about. i hate that i bury myself in my laptop when i should be more "present" in relaxation. i do appreciate your outlook... i suppose it will be a learning process for me.

Micayla said...

I wish my weekend could of been as blissful as yours. Mine was spent wizzing around after my very very active 16 month old little girl, trying to clean up after her and do all the other jobs that need doing.....planning a wedding and trying to dream about our adventure move to France next year...........I did not stop! Maybe a double weekend would be in order!

robin said...

costco used to be me and my husband's big date. back when we lived by one. boo hoo. oh, how i miss costco!

i literally would get SO excited to go there! carry around my costco fountain drink, picking out snacks, samples. ah, heaven.

p.s., i love your hair style!

summer said...

i feel spoiled. adorable photos, good ideas, book recommendation, cute mini stories.. all on a monday morning. doesn't get much better.

ps. well! if that isn't the best saturday get-up. comfy-lounging meets yoga-girl meets ready-to-run-errands. the morning look totally works for you. really. super cute, marta. we know where mr. benjamin gets it.

pps. where is the perfect lightweight hoodie from??

Miranda said...

wow, great pitch on that book! I have it on reserve at the library. I can't wait. :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

The surprise sleep-in is the best! Aren't you a lucky girl! My weekend was awful... but things are looking up on this grey Monday morning.

I love the hanging hearts. Wish I'd ordered them when I had a chance. But maybe I'll try to make my own ones with my two little boys. I'm sure they won't look quite as beautiful as yours, but they'll think they're fab!

KELLY said...

wow...the light in these photos is beautiful! and you look so happy. lovely to see and to read about your thoughts too as always. i need to clear up some stuff in my studio. i know it'll make me feel so much better too not looking at the clutter. tomorrow i shall be a leaf and begin the sweep up! x

Season said...

I also work from home (our bedroom) and am in desperate need of organization. I would love to hear some more of your tips and see a "tour" of your in-home studio...what desk you have, what's on your desk, etc... and where can I find it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

lazy days with lounging and dates to Costco (well, Sam's Club in my town) are some of my favorite things. :)

Thanks for giving me the heads up on the organization book. Checked it out on Amazon and immediately was sold on it. Added it to my cart, only to find that I had Kirtsy Takes a Bow waiting in my cart from the last time I was browsing. Click, Click, Pay, Ship. I can't wait to get both of my books in the mail. Again, thanks for the heads up (on both!)

caitlin said...

Love that picture of that cute little boy and those cute little hearts!

katie said...

I definitely need to get that book!

Thanks for the lovely post, Marta. I look forward to them everyday!

talesofahummingbird said...

i love your cuddling blanket!

Hannah said...

you are one who looks stunning in your comfies. lucky you!

the book has been added to my wish list. thanks for the recommendation.

w and w said...

I haven't been following as usual and I'm so sad I'm so late to hear about the hearts. If it's not too much of a bother I'm so interested or if you want you can email me and let me know how to do it.

sunny said...

Wow...this is such a great post. Love the details of your weekend but I love the photos even more. they're beautiful.

I too put the organizing book on reserve at my library. (spending no money on the book appeals to me!)

I love posts that have photos of your life. This was great to see your desk!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I wish my house was ever that clean, especially my desk.

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