13 February 2010

all around you

once you start looking,
love is everywhere.

it is in the field with the cows nudging their calves.
it is in my inbox every morning, noon and night.
it is fresh produce piled into my grocery cart.
it is in the hand clapping and feet dancing.
it is in the doughnuts i spy but do not buy.
it is your sandwich tucked inside a brown lunch sack.
it is the lollipop to mend the monster tears.
it is in the velcro of two tiny shoes.
it is swimming in the apple juice.
it is latched inside the keyhole.
it is the phone call just to say hi.
it is a kiss hello and a smooch goodbye.
it is spooning with my spoons and forks and knives.
it is tumbling around the dryer with my t-shirts.
it is in the creases of your folded clean clothes.
it is hiding 'neath the floorboards.
it is coming out of the speakers.
it is chilling between the ice cubes.
it is the comfort of a good chat.
it is lush as pink frosting and sprinkles.
it is the outgoing envelopes sealed with love.
it is the happy handwriting found inside my mailbox.
it is hanging above me in paper heart form.
it is baked into our valentine pizza pies.
it is a big splash in a bubble bath.
it is a lullaby and an itsy bitsy spider.
it is a soft blanket and an early bedtime.
it is a little arm around a stuffed puppy.
it is in the quiet of the moonlit night.
it is in my heart as i turn out the light.

happy valentine's, valentine.


beyond said...

this is so lovely and inspiring.

J, K, L, and D said...

i love this! and love you & your words. thanks for a lovely post - and blog.

happy valentine's day to you & yours.

talesofahummingbird said...

yes, indeed!

[eeny] said...

it is in your words.

happy valentine's to you, too.

oneordinaryday said...

Lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

Daisy said...

i love your writing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for loving your readers and providing such inspirational content day after day. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!

Johanna said...

Happy Valentine's to you and the ones that you LOVE Marta!

Anastasia said...

For sure!! lovely thoughts....

Elias said...

I love the way you write about ordinary things that makes them extraordinary! happy valentine's day!

Rosa Rivero said...

I love the way you write about ordinary things that makes them extraordinary! happy valentine's day!
(previous post wrong address)

MarjnHomer said...

i love this so beautiful n true

Carol said...

It really is all around us. We just need to be reminded once in awhile. Thanks for the reminder!

Kari said...

Nice list. I'm going to print that puppy out and post it on my fridge. Love it.

katrina lauren said...

this is so wonderful marta...i've had those moments too when i've stop to really look and see....and love is everywhere! i found myself surrounded by lots of love this valentines day...and i'm left feeling oh so blessed!
you are so sweet!

whit said...

perfect little mart. Happy vdays my dear!! love you

Travelin'Oma said...

You say it with every post. Love is everyday.

Junelle Jacobsen said...

That was just beautiful. I will have to sit for a quite moment and make my own list. What a way to capture a moment in time.


Rambles with Reese said...

This is a beautiful poem.

Did you write this?


Abby said...

Such a cute post. I keep thinking of what a fun little book you'll have of these letters you write to him each month. Again, your words, your writing...so amazing and inspiring!

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