18 February 2010

a letter to the birthday girl

happy birthday doll. blow out a candle + make a wish.

whit, we've been through life together. i cannot imagine my life without you in it. sweet haircuts and homemade highlights, tap shoes and prom night, baggy jeans and skinny jeans, swim lessons and laying out, pre-school and college, boyfriends and breakups, cranberries and counting crows, slumber parties and roadtrips, rollerblades and drivers ed, abercrombie and anthropologie, jane fonda and yoga, days of our lives and the bachelor, angela chase and felicity, pumpkin chocolate chip and thin mint ice cream, moving away and moving even further away, letters in the mail and lengthy emails, photo booths in the mall and blogs on the web, falling in love and falling head over heels, walking down the aisle and having a baby, becoming a wifey and becoming a mama. life changes you. thank goodness best friends are forever.

enjoy your twenty-eight sun salutations with your yoga class of college football players. i only wish i could creep into the corner and watch you work your magic with those mister tough guys. today i should be at your door with a cupcake. instead i give you a little happy birthday blog post and a smiley emoticon just for you.


xo. m

as a side note.
am going away from blogland for a bit.
my parents are in town for the weekend. woohoo.
have a wonderful weekend everyone.


gab said...

You two have grown up into great ladies. I feel proud and motherly! Happy b'day li'l whit!!

polly said...

makes me have a little tear thinking of all the stages you two have gone through together. wonder what you'll be like as two little 90 year old cousin/bestfriend/twins?
happy birthday whit

amber, theambershow said...

Aw cute! You two look like you giggled a lot! (And probably still do.)

whit said...

Thank you thank you Mart!! You made my day. I love you lots and am so grateful for you in my life!! Miss you

Erin said...

What a lovely message for your friend. The perfect birthday gift, to feel so loved!

Have a wonderful weekend with your parents. Woohoo, indeed!

whit said...

ps..no wonder my hair is taking so long to grow out..it was so short!! love you love you. Have a great weekend with the parents.

the hogan's said...

How cute...love you two twins! Happy Bday Whit!

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday to Whit (remembered now as the fab Yoga lady!). Have a fab family weekend , its great sometimes to step away from the computer xx

allison said...

You guys really are like twins. This photo makes me yearn for my best friend. And spring.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!!

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