26 February 2010

upcoming events

don't miss out. saturday at 9 to 11 o'clock in the morning all Target stores are hosting a free story time! you and yours are invited to join in. what a perfect excuse to browse the dollar aisle, the nail polish and the racks of swimsuits (okay, i'm totally kidding about the swimsuits, gone are the days where i can wear one of those flimsy things). but still, hooray, hooray for story time. and rows of easter candy. more details here.

blog & business. so exciting. i am gearing up for the upcoming really big week. i hope to have you back, right here on monday. the blog & business workshop will be in full swing. i've been gathering information like a mad woman and am currently wondering how i'll stuff it all nicely into a pretty package. i hope it's not overflowing and overwhelming. i keep telling myself i work well under pressure, so mehopes that a creative miracle comes my way and i can make this workshop worth reading. will be happy to see my idea for a workshop come full circle. i couldn't do it without collaboration, of course. i've asked a group of bloggers & small business superstars to stop what they're doing and advise me (us) on the matter. they have packed my inbox full of goodness. am, in fact, loving everything that this panel of experts has said so far. i can't wait to share their wisdom with you; i will be sprinkling their words throughout next week's posts. it's amazing what you can accomplish when bloggers unite.

tune in sunday for a sneak peek at the workshop's agenda.

and if you'd like, feel free to post up a button like mine for next week. just copy & paste the html below my b&b button and throw it onto your own sidebar. thanks for all of your enthusiasm. i love it. happy weekend to you.


[eeny] said...

Can't wait for your workshop to start.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Cassie said...

Excited to see what the week will hold - a huge thank you in advance Marta

Cindi said...

Thanks for hosting this workshop. I just got the heads upabout it from Destri and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

TracyontheCheap said...

Very much looking forward to the B&B workshop next week!

Travelin'Oma said...

I'm ready—I've got a new outfit and everything.

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