17 March 2010

going green

happy st. patrick's day. am hanging out with my favorite li'l leprechaun, blowing bubbles in the living room and eating cinnamon life cereal from green bowls. any plans for celebrating in green? wishing you a happy day.

the greenie goods, left to right
retro green wall clock.
toddler adidas.
forever 21 plaid wallet.
green striped straws.
fresh avocado.
girl scout thin mints.
fitted striped cardigan.
lambswool pencil scarf.
dr. seuss green eggs and ham.
anthropologie tank.
gap crewneck tee.
froggy ear buds.
big bird onesie.
jcrew swimsuit.

and the winners of workshop week. congrats to ashley maureen, tiffany, ann marie, kristy, marisa and jenn king. you've been randomly chosen, thanks to your comments. each of you will receive either a free workshop workbook download or a spring edition mini diary (mid-april delivery). please contact me directly to pick your preferred prize!

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AmberLee said...

mmm. i think i will go get myself an avacado in honor of the day.

glad to hear your little one was healthy enough to enjoy the road trip.

just wanted to pop in and tell you, i subscribed to Real Simple on your recommendation, and was just reading about people-watching on public transportation and about springing the kids from school and thinking, I really need to thank Marta for this. so thank you, thank you.

Ryan@dontdodumbthings.com said...

Our kids' cereal milk was dark green today. I am usually so game for that kind of thing, but I honestly couldn't touch it.

Sort of a weird holiday, huh?

Ann Marie said...

thank you, marta! what a treat! will email you...thank you!!

Tiffany said...

Happy new address! Will update my feeds now!

rxanna said...

Ohhh! I love that pencil scarf, its adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love thin mints!

Pamela said...

LOVE the green collection! what great taste you have! :)

summer said...

froggy ear buds?! oh my goodness! people are so clever. and that cardigan.. i think i need it. i already know i need some of those straws. what would smoothie season be without fantastic straws?

isn't cinnamon life great? it was the only cereal i could ever eat dry. i used to pack little bags and take it to class with me.

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