08 March 2010

a launch picture party

my darling photographer friend julia (we knew each other way back in high school and blogland reunited us!) has launched her new website today. woohoo. her pictures are so beautiful; they speak for themselves. a super sweet site.

i was lucky enough to design the new julia wade logo for her new booming business. julia has such pure happy energy and style, it was fun to tap my creative heels together. am thrilled with the way the logo suits her website just so. love to see two and two come together. happy new website and happy birthday to you too, julia.

go check it out, wish her a happy 28 and don't miss her incredible giveaway.

p.s. another happy birthday wish to my big sister heidi. xo.


rachel said...

hahah, yay for birthdays! that's so cool that you and your friend can work together, and that you both have your separate successful businesses! i am always hoping that my friends and i can do the same in the future!

jularun7 said...

marta you could not have been more fantastic to work with. you were so attentive and just perfectly captured me in a logo. i am so glad to have your design represent my business. thank you thank you thank you!

Heidi said...

Thanks, Min. Your b-day mail was perfect! So thoughtful, remembering everything as always. Thanks so much. My flat cards are perfect, I'm sure, like with all your other cards, I will hoard them for the year giving them out to only especially deserving candidates. Why do I do that? I love them! And zowies from the bulk bin make my children wild and crazy fun. Everything can be bought with a zowie!
You're the best!
Love, Heed

PS What is Demi's secret. How old is she?

bets said...

i know her! julia is married to one of my brother's old mission companions who basically used to live at our house. she's a sweetie-i had no idea she was so talented. i'll have to drop over onto her blog and say hello. thanks for showcasing her talent-and your logos are beautiful!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures and I really like the logo as well.

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