01 March 2010

workshop worksheet 01

now that we've started the workshop, i hope your wheels are turning and you've started to look at your own blog and see its potential. perhaps you want to infuse your personality, make it unique and a valuable outlet for creativity. ask yourself the following questions and jot them down for safekeeping.

01. what is your goal in blogging? why do you blog? why is writing a blog valuable to you?

02. in what ways can you become a better blogger? in what ways is your blog already a success?

03. what about your blog sets it apart from others? how is it special? what can you do to infuse yourself in it?

04. which topics do you blog about the most? which of your posts receives the most comments? is there a topic that others seem to gravitate towards? are there other topics you want to blog about but don't?

05. do you blog for yourself or do you blog for an audience?

bonus. watch this clip about sharing your voice through blogging.

new to the workshop? it just started today. you're right on time. read this and browse around!

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