09 April 2010

design recipes

have you been over to the new good look cookbook website yet? every friday a featured graphic artist will be sharing a one of a kind design recipe, a how-to tutorial on creating something awesome. for those of you dabbling in design, we hope it will be inspiring. am delighted to be among such stellar designers who will be keeping me on my toes. special thanks to heather, the head chef.

will be excitedly packaging shop orders this weekend (hooray), catching up on my bookclub book (eeek) and baking a pan of blondies for the new baby nephew, james daniel. my crafting corner is about to become a creative mess. i love when projects pile up, land in my lap while i fight the clock before deadlines turn into pumpkins. wish me luck. have a happy weekend everyone. more in store for next week.

p.s. did you see
project runway last night? i managed to fit it in. ooh i love good reality tv. i even gave my sisters a speech about it in vegas. it's full of cultivating creativity, finding your style, your artistic voice, very low on reality drama, and completely high on very cool.

p.p.s. in other tv news, did you see pioneer woman on the view!? love that ree.

1 comment:

summer said...

the good look cookbook- brilliant! what a smart idea, with a seriously chic look. i love it. and you're on the front cover! looking pretty as a picture, naturally.

can't wait for your design recipes to pop up!

ps. the deadlines-into-pumpkins line. nothing is too clever for you.

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